Hashtags are content creators best friends, along with keywords. Finally YouTube has decided to join using Hashtags in their search features. Don’t fret if you haven’t spotted the new latest feature, as I am going to make sure you are all updated on YouTube Hashtags.

YouTube Hashtags

You may have seen in my last blog post that Pinterest has started allowing hashtags in pin descriptions, if you missed this new feature then head over here. Youtube is the latest site to add hashtags for an extended searching feature.

I spotted this totally by accident whilst watching a video on YouTube, above the title was three hashtags. Not just any hashtags either. These were hashtags with hyperlinks. I clicked on one of the YouTube hashtags which was of interest and quicker than I could blink, there was more videos and all with the applicable hashtag that I had previously searched.

Looking further into this I have gone and found out more about the new feature of YouTube hashtags to share with you, and of course how you can do this and amend your own content. Please note this feature is only visible on desktop versions of YouTube and currently not available on iOS apps.


YouTube Hashtags

Youtube Hashtags are in hyperlink format, as you click on these you will go to related content. Below shows after the hashtags are applied to the video you can see this just above the video title.

Youtube Hashtags after

To get hashtags on your videos, you need to add these in the description. YouTube will show the first 3 hashtags you use. You can go up to fifteen, but I would go for quality over quantity. You can add the hashtags anywhere in your video description.

You do need to make sure you use relevant hashtags and take into account you don’t overtag and go over the 15 hashtags as YouTube will ignore all of them and possibly may even remove your video. Also misleading hashtags will also result in removal of your video.


Editing Your Video

You can edit past videos if you choose, or just carry on with the new feature from new uploads. If you wish to edit past videos I have a couple of tips.

You can either do this bulk, or you can do each individual upload. Remember to add the YouTube hashtags to the relevant videos if doing this in bulk.

  • Open YouTube Creator
  • Go to Edit Videos
  • Select the relevant videos
  • Click on Actions
  • On the dropdown menu select Descriptions and add the YouTube hashtags
  • You can can choose to Append to Start/End
  • Click Submit and your all done

For new uploads you can amend this in the defaults, this would be ideal if you do the same videos. Again remembering the hashtags have to be relevant. Changing the defaults can be done again in YouTube Creator Studio and in the channel section you can upload defaults.

YOUTUBE HASHTAGS | Guide for YouTubes lastest feature to help your content be found. Hashtags can help your video be found and to increase watch time and youtube views. See my YouTube Tips and guide to help you inser keywords on your uploads.

PIN ME | Sharing is caring

As with any other platform that uses keywords and hashtags, you can search these before hand. As this is a new feature I wouldn’t expect huge results in YouTube until this gets used more. With any new feature this takes a while to evolve. I have tried researching hashtags I would use and there is results appearing for my searches. When searching, make sure you use a hashtag symbol as searching without will show different results compared to those when the symbol is used.

The hashtags have their own algorithm and are more of a category system. Still one thing the YouTube Hashtags do bring is an easiness in searching for related videos. Hopefully as the new features starts building YouTube can sort a way for the algorithm to benefit everyone using the platform, this way the videos discovered through clickable links can improve their watch-time.

Have you started adding hashtags to your content, or do you plan to add for future uploads?

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A month on from the launch of my YouTube channel, can I now class myself as a vlogger?

vlogger, youtuber, mummyvlog. vlog

During my time blogging, I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel. I have never had the confidence before now to achieve this. As I have mentioned before, since my rebrand I have really upped my blogging game. I have even stuck to my blogging planned days uploads for over a month now. The difference this has made to my traffic and interaction has been awesome and has made the hard work worthwhile.

Blogging and my channel are both my hobbies that I do in my own time, while working and being a mummy. I am managing to slot this in to my hectic lifestyle. Mind you I have half term coming up and Rowan has broke out in chickenpox so this will be a test. Bloggers put so much time into planning, writing posts, photography, scheduling and social media. I thought this was an immense amount of work until I also started running a YouTube channel alongside.

When planning content for my channel, and hours of research. I call this research (really was watching my favourite vloggers) I started deciding how I wanted to create my own style and videos. I love the ‘Day In The Life’ vlogs and decided from the start I wouldn’t be good enough or have the confidence for this. I decided on my first vlog would be ‘Get To Know Me’ this seemed a good place to start. After my first take of constantly going ‘ummmm’, my second take I started getting used to just chatting away. I decided to upload and hope for the best. I was overcome from the amount of positive message that appeared in my inbox.

This gave me the push to do a haul, this would be my first one of its kind. This time I found it so much easier, and even enjoyed chatting away to my camera lens. Soon I decided to attempt a ‘Day In The Life’. This was such hard work, but totally amazing and I had a blast making this. After editing I was so damn proud of myself. My vlogs may not be the best, but I am really happy with the content so far, and love looking over them and noticing moments I have filmed that have been special.

I will never watch another vlogger now without thinking about the hard work that has gone in to making the 20 minute insight into their life video. From moving the tripod to film different angles, editing to create a seamless short story of your day, the short clips to fill in gaps in your vlog, choosing the correct music. There is so much detail in some of the vlogs I watch and I have tried to recreate this in my own style.

Of course you can do a simple vlog, even just sit there and chat away. The main point is wether you are posting a new blog post or uploading a new video to your channel…do what you love. Don’t worry about trying to please everyone, you can’t please everyone. I have seen so many bloggers this last month state they wish to start a channel but lack in confidence….my answer is go for it, the more you do the more confident you become and it really is so much fun. You get to be creative and plan how to stage your video. I still pick problems with my videos, I worry how I look, how I sound, the fact instead of saying ‘ummmm’ I keep saying ‘so’, but I am highly critical of myself. Infact after a month of vlogging I am getting less picky about my vlogs and actually feeling proud of them. After editing and adding music, the transformation from a bunch of small clips to a substantial good quality vlog is extremely rewarding.

I am no expert in anyway and have completed my first month since launching and doing regular uploads twice a week. I just want those who think they can’t start a YouTube Channel but wish too, to push your limits and have a go. I have learnt so much in a month of starting¬† my vlog. I am so glad I have pushed myself to start vlogging and really wish I done this earlier. After my first month I am now happy to call myself a vlogger.

You can check my channel here

Have you got a YouTube Channel for me to check out? Do you want to launch your own?



I hope you all had an excellent Christmas and New Year. I am entering 2018 with a mission….to make 2018 My Year

My Year 2018

As soon as January rolls round everyone starts creating New Year’s Resolutions. This year I am going to be no different to most of the population on Earth. I want to start 2018 as a new canvas for myself and my blogging, and New Years Resolutions seems an excellent time to put this in effect. The difference from the other years goals is I WILL try my hardest to accomplish this years goals. Since rebranding my blog, I have had a huge boost to make this a success. I really want to take my blog and push it as much as I possibly can.

I received a fabulous Blog Planner by Dot Creates from Antony for Christmas, I have already started using this and it has helped so much for me to be organised. I will be showing more of this in an upcoming post. I have a new separate planner for personal use. Using both simultaneously has made it much easier for me to plan like a pro. I am going to try and keep to a schedule as much as I possibly can whilst being a working mummy.


I am trying to join more of the blogging community and entering some regular linkies on my blog and YouTube channel. I am going to try and do more photography and these will be included in the linkies I am joining. I got a new camera for Christmas from my awesome mum, which I wanted for vlogging originally. But playing with it I have really enjoyed taking photos and want to improve my non existent skills.

This week I have teamed up with my best friend Estelle at Estellosaurus and we have launched our idea which has been in the pipeline for a while. We have discussed a few times setting up our own group and finally 2018 we have launched The Blog Network. We hope to grow a collective blogging community group and help promote bloggers and make some new friends along the way. With my marketing experience and Estelle’s excellent writing skills and creativity I am positive this will be a success. Be sure to join us on Twitter every last Wednesday of the month for a monthly chat.

The Blog nETWORK

I also have finally launched my YouTube Channel. This is a goal I have wanted to do for a while but have not had the confidence, I still don’t entirely but I have pushed myself to do this. I uploaded my first vlog with a post ‘Get To Know Me’ and now I have uploaded my face chatting away to the world, I feel pretty damn proud of myself. I worry about how I look and am not confident about myself but I am trying to get past this. Now I have done an upload and received some lovely messages of support from fellow bloggers, I am already feeling my confidence slowly being boosted. I really enjoy being creative and making family memories and I know I will enjoy making YouTube videos. I know with my hectic schedule this is the one I wont be able to do as often as I like, but hopefully I will work a way of achieving a successful channel.

The most used New Years Resolution of ‘Go On A Diet’ is as always on my list. This time I really need to do this, for my own health and confidence. I feel like doing this and I determined to be a yummy mummy. I also want to be fitter and healthier and am looking in to the most achievable and affordable ways to help me. I am really interested to try yoga, I have never tried it before nor been interested but for some reason recently I have really fancied to have a go. I also want to do more self help for myself this year. I don’t take enough time for me, I am constantly putting everyone else first. I actually took the day off work to myself today and this has totally rejuvenated my morale. I also want to take more time for pampering, wether a facial or massage, having my hair done today has made me feel so relaxed and like I have made an effort with myself. I have been suffering with my anxiety rearing it’s ugly head again and this causes me to go in overdrive worrying. Estelle has been super awesome listening to me rant on. This year I am determined to put this at bay and stand up for myself more.

I am determined to make 2018 a productive and positive year. Have you any plans for 2018?



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