I was tagged by Jamie at Once Upon A Blog for Shuffle The Music Tag. You can read Jamie’s answers here

I love reading Jamie’s posts and was over the moon she tagged me in this Tag. I am always listening to music, especially when working as this helps me concentrate. One of my favourite playlists is my Awesome Mixtape folder on Spotify, I love this singalong mixtape for commuting to work and playing when cooking or cleaning.

I loved it in the days of cassettes and taping my favourite songs on the Top 40, I mean who did not do this? You simply have not lived if you haven’t had your finger poised for the latest tune to play. Another memory is the boy bands and getting Top of the Pops and Smash Hits magazines so you can cut out your favourite pop star. I was always a Boyzone fan.

I find songs quite personal to me, certain ones remind me of events and memories. I grew up with mum playing Meat Loaf who I still love to this day. We even had a string quartet playing Meat Loaf during our wedding ceremony.

So Thank you Jamie for tagging me, and now lets take a look at the rules:

  • Mention the creator of the tag and link to their blog
  • Thank the person that nominated you for this tag and link to their blog as well
  • Shuffle your entire music library (no matter how old songs the songs are) and talk about the first fifteen songs that come up ( anything like why they are there , if they signify something, any story, why you like them, etc.)
  • Mention the songs as well as the artists
  • Tag 7 people or more to do this tag and please let them know

And now it’s time to press “Shuffle”, and the first 15 tracks on my shuffle list are…

1) P!nk | Beautiful Trauma

I have always liked P!nk, she has such a stunning voice. This tune I heard on the radio first and had to download and like a child with a new DVD I have had this on loop. The video for this is also fabulous and features Channing Tatum….say no more.

2) Corrine Bailey Rae | The Scientist (from Fifty Shades)

I loved this when watched the film, which I preferred to the first one. Still not as good as the books. One long commute home stuck behind traffic I thought of a whole story for a John Lewis Christmas advert. I am yet to pitch this.

3) Mika | Hurts

Another artist who I have liked most of their music. This is such a beautiful song. Another good one is Good Guys.

4) Colin O’Donoghue | Revenge Is Going To Be Mine

This is from the musical episode on Once Upon A Time which I love watching. My favourite character is Captain Hook so when Colin O’Donoghue sung this I had to rewind and watch again in detail. No lie I go all out warbling along to this.

5) Niall Horan | Too Much To Ask

I quite liked One Direction, I don’t mind admitting and went to see one of their concerts with Josie-Ann who is a fan. I love easy listening aspect of this song and Niall’s soft tones. He is the only one whose music I have liked since going solo so far. I a;ways liked Zayn’s voice but have not liked anything he has done.

6) Missy & Blonde | Stay

I also liked their version of Coldplay’s Something Like This, but this is my favourite cover. I prefer this than the original.

7) Edison Lighthouse | Love Grows

This is a random song compared to the rest on my phone. Antony got me into this one as he kept playing it. It is super catchy and there is so,etching about the chorus I like. I find that with songs, I like certain parts. When I hear this I think of Antony my husband. We recently discussed some point renewing our vows after 5 or 10 years being married and this may well be included somewhere.

8) Emma Thompson | Beauty and The Beast 2017

It is no secret I loved the new film version of the Disney classic. I prefer this version to the Ariana Grande and John Legend. I was quite disappointed with that version, I was hoping was going to be as punchy as it sounded on the trailer. I also love the Finale version from this soundtrack, I love the extra section that has been added then it sounds near the end just like the original.

9) Train | Play That Song

When I used Shazam to find this song after hearing it on the radio I was surprised it was Train. I like a few of their songs. This is my audition song should I ever go on a singing talent show, plus should I overnight have a lovely singing voice.

10) Pitbull | Back In Time

I quite like most of Pitbull’s songs and collaborations. One of my favourites is Give Me Everything. This one is from Men in Black 3 I think it is, have never seen it.

11) Ralph Felix | The Heat

This is a cover of the Whitney Houston classic ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ and is fantastic for getting you pumped for the day.

12) Hanson | Every Word I Say

I have loved Hanson from the days of long blonde locks and belting out Mmm Bop. I have pretty much stalked the, since being a teenager. Taylor is my favourite and like Gary Barlow they have all got better looking with age. Their songs and singing live are amazing, these boys are seriously talented.

13) Meat Loaf | I Would Do Anything For Love

As I have shuffled my way through this post I was secretly panicking Meat Loaf hadn’t showed it self yet, would be surprising as I have every album. Phew! One has appeared. This one is special as I walked down to a string quartet version of this song. I love the early Meat Loaf classic power ballads the most, he has such an iconic voice. I have a secret power of being able to sing along to this and do backing singing, I can go totally solo on all parts LOL.

14) The Proclaimers | I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)

This is a classic tune that you know as soon as it starts. I can’t help but sing with the Scottish accents too. Really is a banging tune.

15) Lifehouse | Hanging By A Moment

This time was my first one on my homepage from the days of MySpace. I like the tones of their voices and the music of their songs.

Make sure you check some of these tunes out and let me know if there is any hidden gems that you have downloaded from this list. I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and having a listen on my Spotify.

I tag the following:



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I look forward to seeing your shuffles, and thank you again Jamie this was super fun to take part in.





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