Already the Summer Holidays is coming to end for us here in Wiltshire. The end of the Summer Holidays normally means one thing as a parent and it is not reaching for the gin (this occasion) it is the task of buying the Back To School Supplies. 

Back To School - WH Smith, Simply Stacey

WH Smith kindly sent us a voucher for Josie-Ann to spend on their fantastic Back To School range, and for us to show you a haul of the items we purchased.  At the time of writing this post there are some fantastic offers which you should check out, as every little saving helps.

I must admit this is my favourite part of shopping for Back To School supplies, way much more exciting than the normal shoes and clothes shopping. The excitement for purchasing stationery supplies stems from being a stationery addict and memories of doing the same school preparations.

I loved getting a new pencil case ready for the new school year and walking round WH Smith admiring all the stationery available. My favourite pencil case from WH Smith had to be the times table pencil case and the tablet eraser (my delight when I saw they still do the erasers). If you grew up in the 90’s you will totally know what I am on about. 

Other than stationery my other love in life (other than the kids) is being super organised. I need to be organised with being a working mummy, running my side hustle and the normal adulting of running our home and bills etc. So instead of just a stationery haul, we challenged ourselves to take this further with adding organisation and showing different ways we are using Back To School supplies. 

Stationery Supplies

Starting with my most favourite part of the haul… stationery. We honestly had so much to choose from the large range available at WH Smith and we could have easily come away with most of the shop. 

Back To School - WH Smith, Simply Stacey

We started with the essentials, first being the pencil case.  Now Josie is approaching Year 6 she is wanting more tween looking stationery rather than the unicorns she would have previously chose. The beauty of the range at WH Smith as there is something for all ages, I had my eye on a few items for myself. 

Below is the items we brought for Josie’s new pencil case and her stationery supplies.

  • Metallic Blue Pencil Case
  • Berol Handwriting Pen
  • Pack of 15 WH Smith Art Pens
  • Highlighter
  • Folding Ruler
  • Tablet Eraser
  • Pencils

We have split up some of the items for Josie’s pencil case to go towards another project which you will see further down this post. 

Back To School - WH Smith, Simply Stacey

Lunch Supplies

Previous school years Josie has opted for school dinners rather than taking a lunch box, but this term she has decided on alternating between the two. This obviously meant we needed a lunchbox, which to be honest I hadn’t even thought of purchasing this at WH Smith. I was pleasantly surprised at the range available. 

Josie-Ann chose the most beautiful Henley mint colour lunch bag and matching water bottle. I think I am going to have to back for one for myself, especially as the lunch range is currently on offer (at the time of writing this) with ‘Buy one get one half price’.

Back To School - WH Smith, Simply Stacey

Homework Station

Josie does not get her homework ethic from myself, I loved homework. Even now I am doing online courses as I am like a sponge for learning. Josie needs a little bit of a push to get going, which is where my idea of making a homework station has come from using an existing storage container.

Back To School - WH Smith, Simply Stacey

Normally Josie will do homework on one of the days I am not working, mainly as we are home earlier. I try to get her going on this while I am cooking dinner, this way I can keep an eye on the kids at the table and help if needed. This also makes nice family time as we will chat about the day. The caddy is portable for if Josie wishes to go in the home office or in her room.

Below is the items we purchased for our homework caddy.

  • Berol Handwriting Pens
  • Pack of 30 WH Smith Art Pens
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Colouring Pencils
  • Highlighters
  • Pencils

As mentioned before we have split some items of stationery to go between Josie’s pencil case and the new homework station.

I am planning on going back to WH Smith and grabbing some more bits for this little project. We forgot some items as got carried away looking round the large range. 

Additional items I want to add are scissors, notebook, glue stick and post it-notes. A great excuse for another trip out.  

Back To School - WH Smith, Simply Stacey

Back To School Organisation

Josie is one of the youngest in her year and we are trying to help her with being more organised this year, in the hope the following year starting Secondary School will not be as daunting. 

Back To School - WH Smith, Simply Stacey

Josie tends to be quite forgetful of tasks so I am trying to spread my organisation vibes over to her, mainly to help for her own personal growth and independence. Also helping to maintain the school day routine and again getting her ready for Secondary School next year.

For the mission of Josie-Ann being organised I have brought Document Wallets. I absolutely love the spotty design and am totally using the other one as these came in a double pack. I use them all the time and they are super useful. These are in the hope of eliminating the messy school bag. Josie tends to shove any documents that come home in the bottom of her bag and not mention about them. This way I am hoping Josie will look after documents wether school letters or homework going back and forth. 

Next was a White Board for in Josie’s room. This way Josie can write a To Do List or Reminders for the day. Like for example I constantly have to remind her to clean her teeth etc, this way Josie can be independent and tick these tasks off. 

Lastly I have brought a ring binder for Josie. This is to make a homework folder, to plan and keep track of homework due in. The plan is to print off a calendar month and get Josie to plan her pick and mix homework. Planning ahead means we know if we need further supplies, such as if a cooking homework. This is mainly for getting ready for Secondary School and pushing her independence again. 

I would like to expand the folder idea as it gets going for Josie to start adding in her own time tables, such as on the calendar to set certain days for specific tasks. The plan is to set a day for homework, reading is each day, but set spellings for a specific day. I want Josie to get used to organising her time and getting used to reading a time table. 

All of this will hopefully ease Josie into Year 6, and getting ready for Secondary School next year. Josie gets anxious easily so if we can prepare her before hand she will feel motivated from being independent and will benefit long term. 

Hopefully we have showed you some different ideas and strategies in using Back To School Supplies, ready for the upcoming new school term. 

You don’t have to limit Back To School Supplies just for children, with the extensive range at WH Smith and fantastic offers you can give your own stationery a refresh. There is such a large range of supplies varying from stationery to water bottles. There is honestly something for everybody, and if you are a fellow stationery addict you will be in your element. 

Back To School - WH Smith, Simply Stacey

WH Smith are also running a competition. Share your Back To School haul photos using #StationerySorted  to be in the chance of winning a gift card.

Have you been super organised preparing for the new term? Or perhaps you have brought stationery for your own needs? I would love to hear how you stay organised and which supplies you have brought…. please comment below.

*We were gifted a voucher in exchange to showcase products we purchased. All words and pictures are our own. 

This week celebrates one of my favourite obsessions which I have harboured from being a child….. stationery. The year I got a Pilot pen set was one of my favourite birthdays. Plus don’t get me started on shopping before a new school year, the WH Smith times table pencil case was a must have.

Well next week is National Stationery Week (insert an excited shriek) and I am going to show you one of my favourite shops to go for my stationery supplies…. the mothership that is known as Typo.

Typo National Stationery Week

Shout out to fellow stationery hoarders, if you haven’t been to Typo yet…. then you will thank me when you do. If you love the pretty designs in Paperchase then you will certainly have the same gratitude for Typo. Don’t worry if you can’t get to a Typo store, they have a super cool website for you to buy much needed stationery…. we can all agree you can never have too much stationery (FACT).

Typo do much more than just stationery, there is a quirky home and tech range for you to purchase. In fact Typo is my one stop place for mugs, and these get so much attention in photos. Anyhow lets get back to the nitty gritty of their awesome stationery range. 

There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery

Typo National Stationery Week

Typo Stationery Haul

Recently I purchased a mini stationery purchase as Typo had a fantastic sale on, and if ever I need a reason (I don’t really need a reason) then I had to purchase some stationery items. 

I brought more sets of the 3pk To Do Lists, they match the colours of my office. I am a list maker, wether digitally or paper. You can’t beat a paper list and the overwhelming enjoyment in crossing off a task. Also I am not afraid to admit I am that person that will complete a task and add it to my list after execution and cross off to mark my accomplishment. I brought a few of these as I will be taking a set to work. Plus Typo change their stock for fresh designs so I stocked up while they were still available. 

Typo notebooks are also fabulous designs and really good prices, there are normally offers for multi-buys. I normally buy the spiral notebooks in mixtures of A4 and A5 but this time I also brought some hidden spiral notebooks. I have a small dalmation print theme through my home office in places and thought the notebook I purchased matched perfectly. The other said ‘Exert Procrastinator’ and well if the title fits. The A5 size are my favourites as they are easy to carry around. Josie my daughter has an extensive set of Typo notebooks. 

Typo has an extensive range of pens, which like the mugs I own a fair amount. My favourites are the Mickey Mouse thin pens. I had the cold one already and it is my favourite pen to use at home, so I also brought the black and rose gold one. I love Disney and Typo has some fantastic bits in store, and currently they have a Friends range from the hit TV Show which I have my eye on a Pivot notebook as this was one of my favourite scenes. If you know what I am on about then I can guarantee you are shouting ‘PIVOT’ in your head this moment…. no need for thanks. 

One of my favourite Disney items that I brought a while ago (not in store now but there are other designs) is the desk-pad. This is perfect as it matches my office colours, fits under my monitor stand and is Disney related. I love the fact there is no dates and I can use this for days or projects. I love this as if it was a month to a sheet and then Antony or the kids doodle on it I don’t have to waste a whole sheet, or sit there twitching at the non aesthetic looking doodles facing me while I work. 

Typo National Stationery Week
Typo National Stationery Week

I first came across the store when a new branch had opened at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol. Typo is certainly worth checking out if you want quirky, statement stationery which also is brilliant if you are in need of a gift. I love the fact the range is constantly changing so there is always something different, plus to suit all tastes. Not long ago was the tropical print which I adored, and also there was a dinosaur range. Currently there is Aladdin merchandise, ready for the film release in May.

I don’t think I will ever get fed up of stationery, and finally I am actually using all of my notebooks. Normally I would start a brand new book (honestly this beats ticking off a To Do List task) and then promptly make a mistake. Along comes my anxiety and the eye twitching would start and then I wouldn’t use it again. I am pleased to say I am working through this perfectionist problem and finally using them 🙂

I am looking forward to the fact that National Stationery Week falls over payday, as I am certain seeing so many stationery posts that they are going to influence me to need some new purchases.

If you check out my YouTube channel you will see Typo mentioned a fair few times in my haul videos, I told you I am a regular Typo shopper.

I would love to know if you are also a fellow stationery addict or hoarder? What is your favourite stationery purchase? Have you been to Typo before?


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