There is now less than 100 days until Christmas, so what better way than to get present planning. Smyths Toys are releasing their Winter Catalogue this week, and there are plenty of toys to suit all youngsters and interests…

Smyths Toys Winter Catalogue

This is officially my favourite time of year, hayfever is no more, the weather is chilly enough to wear cosy jumpers, halloween prep is underway and the countdown until Christmas has commenced. I always try and get a couple of presents a month for birthdays and constantly look for ideas for Christmas, one place we always go to is Smyths Toys.

Normally we will either go to our nearest store at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol or will order online. Before I had never thought about looking through the catalogue to be honest. But since the latest Smyths Toys Winter Catalogue arrived we have been having a browse and there is so much more that I originally thought. You can request the latest catalogue here.

Smyths Toys kindly sent us the latest catalogue to browse and a voucher for the kids to use. We all had a browse through the 327 pages of toys and decided on a joint toy for the kids to share. Since the age gap is over 5 years, it is brilliant to find a toy they both love to share which is the family favourite of Lego. When you go to the stores, there is aisles so high and long of lego of all sorts. Very rare we can’t find what one we are looking for, plus there is the option to check stock or order click and collect.

Lego City Smyths Toys

Rowan has recently got into Lego, he loves finding the pieces through the instructions and even more loves playing with the many miniature block creations. He has progressed from Duplo but will still play with this, and has a mixture of Lego Juniors and Lego Sets. Josie has Lego Sets of all sorts, her favourite is her Jurassic World Sets and is the only thing she has patience to do and finish herself. Josie has her eye on the Lego Harry Potter new releases. We keep all of our lego sets in clear boxes with the corresponding instructions…yes this may seem boderline OCD but at the same time this is so much easier when you want to build a set.

The best part with Lego is how it makes them use their imagination and how they come together playing despite their age difference. Also Lego is fabulous for young and old. There is many adults I know that love Lego, it really is a timeless family favourite. We debated both of the kids choosing something each but the both spotted the Lego City Mountain Police Set which also was on sale. We did also pick up a little airplane for Rowan and an expansion for Josie’s Lego Dimensions which again was on sale.

Smyths Toys Lego City

In October we have Rowan’s birthday which last month myself and Josie went off to Smyths Toys store and brought his presents. There is so much choice when browsing the catalogue, you have your classics like we chose with Lego, board games galore, computer games, all of your favourite characters….the list is endless from the amount of toys and gadgets and at fantastic prices.

Next is planning for Christmas, we are going to sit down some point and go through the catalogue to compile the kids Christmas Lists. It is great fun for them to look through the catalogue and write or stick present wishes. When I was sat with Rowan he was pointing out things he thought Josie would like which was adorable. I am thinking this will be a fun activity with the kids whilst making some mince pies, I am already excited for the Christmas films and special Christmas drinks at coffee shops whilst writing this.

Smyths Winter Catalogue

If your haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet then make sure you head over to Smyths Toys and request a catalogue. I would love to know how you plan your Christmas Shopping? Do you also go to Smyths Toys?

Simply Stacey

*** DISCLAIMER | Smyths Toys sent us goods in exchange for our honest views. All wording is honest and my own.

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