Are looking at improving your online presence, looking at growing your social media content and followers, encouraging to drive more traffic to your content and improving personal growth, then have you thought of the help from podcasts? Entrepreneur and Content Creator Podcasts have been extremely beneficial in helping me grow my brand in the right direction and these can also help you. If you are a budding entrepreneur or influencer then make sure you go and have a listen to my Top 5 Podcasts for growing your personal brand.

Content Creator Podcasts

One benefit of commuting an hour and a half each day to work and back home, is this gives me precious time to help motivate myself for the day ahead at work, or on the way home ready to build content for my side hustle Simply Stacey. This precious time was spent wasted from screeching through my latest playlist on Spotify, but since calendar blocking, I have found a golden nugget window of time that I can use productively to help me grow one of my passions which is my brand, Simply Stacey.

Recently I experienced my first audio book experience and surprisingly I absolutely enjoyed listening whilst commuting. I have only listened to non fiction audiobooks so far as to be honest they are the ones that I would struggle to read. I am not a big reader and whilst driving to work, I am able to complete an audiobook in a week easy which is time otherwise spent thinking of the tasks ahead, groceries needed, chores to do. This way listening and using my time of commuting to an advantage has helped open a whole new world of motivational books which has naturally led me to listen to podcasts.

One recommendation which I am currently loving is to download Castro app for podcasts. The library is much more friendly and so much easier to find your favourite podcasts, plus if you have an apple watch then this app is also compatible. Gosh I am spoiling you lot today with my knowledge bombs and amazing finds.

Podcasts For Growing Your Personal Brand


The podcasts app for me was always unused in my music folder. I have tried previously looking in the Podcast charts and being unable to find anything of interest. Until recently I spotted on Instagram a link to a parenting Podcast Happy Mum Happy Baby hosted by Giovanna Fletcher and loved listening to the interviews, each one perfect in time for my commuting to work. Now I have my podcasts going constantly, even Josie loves listening on the way to school run.

Merging this new find of Podcasts and my obsession of growing my personal brand, I now have a bundle of Podcasts in my library ready for me to extract information from. I am completely thriving on learning new strategies and ways to improve my personal brand and also aid my personal growth. There is so much information and experiences to listen to over Podcasts and these are free resources, hours of strategies and recommended improvements to help you grow your brand.

There are so many great interviews and free advice to use and implement into your blog or business, and these are some of my favourites so far…..just a warning some of these are old so may not be updated as often, but you can download archive episodes (beats waiting for new episodes). The moment you have been waiting for, here is my Top 5 Podcasts For Growing Your Personal Brand…



I absolutely love Amy TV the YouTube Channel and Amy’s best selling book Vlog Like A Boss is a must have book for all aspiring vloggers. I totally love Amy, she is such an inspiring person and is where my goals and inspiration to make the most of my brand has come from. On Amy’s channel you can find advice to go after the life you want, from organising yourself and being productive to awesome editing tips for your brand.

Episodes you need to listen too:

  • Episode 143: Get More Attention On Your Videos
  • Episode 142: How To Take Off On YouTube Featuring Pat Flynn
  • Episode 136: The Difference Between YouTube and Facebook Videos


VIDFLUENTIAL ON-AIR / Jessica Stansberry

Jessica is my hair twin! I found Jessica originally on her YouTube Channel, which is how I became obsessed with Trello. Jessica gives you excellent tips for you to be Video Rockstars and helps with content and digital marketing.

Episodes you need to listen too:

  • Episode 006: How To Get Found On YouTube
  • Episode 013: How To Get Comfortable On Camera
  • Episode 007: What You Need For Every Blog Post You Publish


THE SUNNY SHOW / Sunny Lenarduzzi

You will see a pattern emerging here….Guess where I first come across Sunny Lenarduzzi? Yes, another excellent YouTuber. Sunny is my most recent find and the style of her videos really is nothing short of amazing. The Sunny Show Podcast also does not disappoint. At the time of this post, The Sunny Show is still current so you can expect new uploads regularly.

Episodes you need to listen too:

  • #022: High Performance Habits to Build a World Class Business with Todd Herman
  • #015: Miracle Morning -Morning Motivation That Will Change You
  • #017: Rise of the Youpreneur with Chris Ducker



I love the vast amount of topics Jenna covers in her Podcast, there is a large catalogue of episodes to choose from. The Gold Digger Podcast is a relatively new subscription for me, but I am enjoying the episodes and have found them completely motivating and easy to understand. I also love the fact there is a mixture of varied timings for the episodes, for example some are 8 minutes (perfect if clearing up after dinner) and some are 45 minutes (perfect for my commute).  At the time of this post, The Goal Digger Podcast is still current so you can expect new uploads regularly.

Episodes you need to listen too:

  • 158: Calling All Introverts: How Can You Build a Personable Brand
  • 155: How I Doubled My Instagram Growth in One Month
  • Bonus 012: 5 Ways To Boost Productivity Working From Home



The Influencer Podcast is another new one I have started listening too, and another one of my favourites. Julie has an impressive catalogue of episodes and guests each sharing strategies to help you become your own leading influencer. Also like the above Podcast there is a varied content in which you have longer interviews with leading professionals, then there is Influencer Insights which are shorter in length and great for strategies to help you grow your personal brand. At the time of this post, The Influencer Podcast is still current so you can expect new uploads regularly.

Episodes you need to listen too:

  • 068: Everything You Need To Know About Growing A Blog
  • 002: Instagram Growth & Effective Social Media Marketing
  • Influencer Insights 011: The Influencers Guide to Productivity
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I hope you enjoy listening to some of the above and I would love to know your feedback, or perhaps you have further recommendations for other Podcasts not mentioned.


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