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Considering how long January dragged on, February has zoomed by so quickly. We are already at the end of half term and back to school next week. This month we have not done anything exciting due to weather and having a poorly Rowan. I wanted to do this months Siblings Project out and about but this was not possible due to Rowan having chicken pox, so luckily I had some nice photos from a mini photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.


Josie has been on half term and since we were stuck in she has had the chance to play at home, which I think she has enjoyed. We are so busy and after school clubs means most of the time Josie doesn’t get to chill and play much so this has been a nice change. My proud moment this month was the hard work she put into creating a Harry Potter PowerPoint Presentation. I had to work from home one of the days during half term so whilst working she sat next to me watching Harry Potter and doing a presentation on my laptop.



Rowan has not had a good month, he got struck down with chickenpox. Josie was never that bad with them, but poor Rowan was covered and poorly with them. He wasn’t sleeping, which we are not used too as we have always been lucky with both kids sleeping patterns. The spots started Sunday/Monday and it wasn’t until the Saturday that he was feeling like playing and organising his toys again. My proud moment with Rowan is definitely his speech, he is saying full sentences now.

We have signs of colds, but after the chickenpox we can certainly deal with those germs. Hopefully Spring weather will start kicking in soon. I am fed up of the cold, wet weather. At the end of the month we are planning on deciding how to decorate the kids rooms and making a start on updating the garden. We also want to try and have a nice family day out somewhere some point, as we haven’t had the chance since before Christmas.

Yes we have been stuck in the bulk of half term, but you don’t have to go out each time. The kids love time at home and they had great fun for hours getting the play dough out (mummy didn’t as soon as colours started getting mixed) and playing games. Sometimes these are indeed the best days, spending quality time together.

How was your half term?



The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful



Welcome to my first ever entry for The Sibling Project run by Lucy at Dear Beautiful

Sibling Project Simply Stacey

The Sibling Project is run monthly and encourages you to take photos of your children together. I love seeing these each month and have the entries have really inspired myself to take part. I originally wanted my new camera for vlogging, but have recently found myself wanting to try and improve my photography skills.

I originally was planning a photoshoot outside last Saturday doing a fun family filled activity. But thanks to Rowan having a cold, we were struck down by his germs and have been full of cold all of the weekend. Sunday night, I was finally feeling a little better and decided to have a go at trying to take some photos and I am so glad I did. Josie has been desperate to be twinning with Rowan and was over the moon when I found these tops in H&M.

I loved the idea behind The Sibling Project as it makes you take the time out of busy schedules and come together to make happy memories and documenting this. We done our photoshoot in the comfort of our home and trying out mummy’s new photography lights and the kids absolutely loved this. You can see by the photos above that Rowan kept getting the giggles. The only issue during our shoot is Josie is so tall considering she is only eight years old. So trying to get a picture of them together can be tricky.

My Favourite Photo

Below is my favourite photo from the shoot. Funnily enough it wasn’t even going to be a main picture. It was one of those where you go click happy and hope for the best. I love the lighting especially in this photo and the kids look absolutely adorable Even though Rowan is looking away in the picture, this is certainly my most favourite picture.

Simply Stacey Siblings Project

I am glad I have took part in The Siblings Project and encourage you too. It makes you take those photos that you have been meaning to take. I am already looking forward to the next one.



The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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