I have always enjoyed Blogging, even though time is not always on my side. I have struggled finding my passion that I used to have, then I realised why the past year I have not been able to find my purpose…..time for a change…time for Simply Stacey

New Beginning

When I first started Blogging, I was a complete novice. I was introduced to blogging from a lovely friend over at NorthernNewMum. I originally started as a sole parent blogger, as that was all I knew from being a mummy, so parenting would be where my blog would start it’s journey.

I started as UnicornMummy, Josie came up with the title from our love of unicorns. I soon found my niche was too limited at parenting blogging and I started venturing into other blogging genres such as beauty. The more blogging I done, the more the world of blogging opened up new finds. Over the year this soon become apparent that I didn’t want to limit myself to being solely a parenting blog, so came (another of Josie’s wonders) UnicornFairy.

Unicorn Fairy was coming up 2 years old in January, but I have recently felt my blog was missing something. I loved my name, but I was finding when people was asking me what is your blog name, I was feeling slightly embarrassed. I will always love unicorns, do not get me wrong. But I want to be taken seriously as a blogger and started feeling the name was affecting this.

Also in the blogging community I have made some super close friends, especially my best friend Estelle, it’s very rare we don’t go a day without hearing from each other. I am very much looking forward to an upcoming collaboration with Estelle that is going to be epic.

Since we have moved, I have been in a better place mentally. The move to Wiltshire has made such a difference, plus having a promotion at work and taking on a new role has really boosted my confidence. How much everything in our lives have changed in a year is unreal.

I only decided in the last couple of weeks that I am going to change my name, and since this decision was made it has been like a huge weight of my shoulders. I have struggled thinking of names, then it came to me ….. Simply Stacey. In a weird way it has been like an evolution; Unicorn Mummy was like my baby, growing into a teenager of Unicorn Fairy. Now I feel I have blossomed and took control to a new me, hence the last stage of growing my blog.

With my new found confidence I can finally feel to put myself into my blog, why not name it after myself rather than hide behind an awesome mythical creature. I feel now at this point I can be myself and take this blog where I want too. I really want to make something of my blog, I have been lucky in the past with opportunities being brand ambassadors,  working with companies, but recently haven’t pushed this. I also want to not worry about what I should blog, and blog what I want to blog. So now this is my chance to take UnicornFairy and evolve my blog to a new era.

I am hoping to purchase a camera for filming and do more Insta videos and Vlogs soon, but for now I am upping my blogging game. I am going to make sure i set more time aside for my blogging at this is my passion and for doing your passion you shouldn’t shy away. Biting the bullet and making this change has given me the drive again from doing what I love. So I would like to welcome you to my new chapter…Simply Stacey.


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