Do you have days you plan to be productive and get that stuff done, but things get in the way or even worse procrastination kicks in? Well see my Top 3 Daily Habits that are tried and tested by myself and how I make the day a success….

Whatever your situation, whether you work or stay at home, a parent or child free, like cats or dogs….we all need moments in our day to be productive. This can be something simple as being a domestic goddess and having a long list of jobs from cleaning to washing, this is still being productive.

You don’t need to be working to be productive, you can be productive any moment of any day for any task. This could be a small list of a couple of tasks or a job you have been meaning to do every day for the past month but can’t get round to it, or in my case multiples of lists.

Being a working mummy with a demanding job to stay productive and super organised, I always search for new ways to help productivity shine out of me like sunbeams. I don’t just try to be productive at work, I try to incorporate this into my life in general. I have a home to maintain, children to look after and then there is running my blog and YouTube channel which any blogger will know how much work goes into this. Updating social media, scheduling posts, being a photographer plus many more. So you can see why productivity is needed in my life, otherwise the house would be empty of food, children would be running feral, and you would not be reading this post.

I have brought in over the past month daily habits which help me to be productive. These really have helped myself and hopefully may help you too. Keep reading for my Top 3 Daily Habits…


Trust me, you will be surprised by this one. It totally works and days I do this, I am way more awake and the productivity is oozing out of me before I even get to work.

One sneaky tip for this one, if you struggle getting up early and tempted to hit that snooze button then you must try the ‘5 Second Rule’. I seen this by Mel Robbins, you count down like a rocket launch…. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and move. Get up out of bed and get moving. Doing this method stops your brain killing the idea of hitting the snooze button.

Another tip is plan the night what you want to achieve in the morning. Do you want to be productive and get that blog post done, have some extra work to catch up on or simply have breakfast in peace. This is the moment you can gain some spare time, which you would have not previously had.

I normally do this 2-3 times a week on workdays, I will get up at 5am instead of 7am and first I will make myself a cuppa. I like to plan my day and calendar blocking (more of this in a moment) and then do a task in piece, normally this is blog/vlog related. Can be anything from editing or editorial planning to scheduling posts.

I want to start doing this each work day and start incorporating some workout and fitness time too. . I always make sure I have 7 hours sleep and aim before I go to bed, the desired time to set my alarm. Again you can plan this using calendar blocking. This really does make a huge difference and for me, I don’t get huge amounts of time by myself, this helps me wake up and have a sanity couple of hours before the arguments of getting ready for school begins, I certainly am more calmer in this respect as previously been in a tranquil peaceful setting, plus feel super productive from planning my day and achieving a few tasks.

Daily Habits


I have seen about calendar blocking a few times now and always admired the idea. Until recently, I hadn’t tried calendar blocking but the first day I tried this secret of productivity… lie, I got a huge amount done plus the benefit of being super organised.

I am currently reading ‘Work Smarter, Live Better’ by Cyril Peupion, and calendar blocking is explained in detail from a work perspective. I have incorporated this throughout my day, literally from waking up to going to bed. Amy Landino states a good way to source spare time to be productive is to block as you go, then you can see when you could save time.

Currently I have found Google Calendars works better for me personally than Outlook which is what Cyril recommends, I use Google Calendars for personal and work. Everything is colour coded, not just to make a beautiful rainbow effect, but to separate and categorise each event and task. I may change this and keep work separate on Outlook, and my day in general on my Google Calendar.

My Calendar Categories I currently use are:

  • Make It Happen | This is for my everyday generic tasks
  • Work | Any work related tasks and reminders
  • Commuting | I lose 1.5 hours a working day commuting, imagine if commuting by train how much I could do in this time
  • Appointments | The kids social life is better than mine, so any appointments for any of us go under this section
  • Editorial | Anything SimplyStacey related, from posts to publish to editing
  • Family Time | Make time to spend with your loved ones
  • Me Time | Make time for yourself

Things happen during the day which will change your neatly planned day, this is ok. To be honest, this is the part that put me off. I have a need for a perfectly run routine and things like a spanner in the works puts me off the day. But with the beauty of calendar blocking is just move that stuff around. I have found doing my calendar easier to set out fully on the desktop version rather than the app.

The first day I set my calendar up, I got stuff don’t that I have been putting off. I put on my positive pants on, brought out my cube timer (I take this very seriously at all levels) and focused. Then before my timer even had the chance to alert me, by golly I had only done a task that previously I would have kept moving from one day to the next. This is a must to try if you want to set time to be productive, make sure you grab those moments where you do actually have the time, until you calendar block you just might now have known you had those precious moments.

daily habits


This may seem a strange daily habit considering we are aiming to boost productivity. But this has made the biggest difference to my own sanity the past few months. From being unwell and feeling overwhelmed with tasks, at one stage I was feeling exhausted and felt I was like Stretch Armstrong (if yours a 90’s babe you will know what I am on about), I felt i was being pulled at all angles and also feeling extremely suffocated.

I am not one for putting myself first, I never have been. But recently I realised I need to look after myself, I was too busy looking after everyone else, trying to do everything at once. I was watching my favourite girl crush Amy Landino, as I usually do on a Sunday and Wednesday, when one of her videos was her skincare routine. As one of my goals is having the life Amy has, I thought OK, I have some skincare products gathering dust dotted around. I clipped my hair back and then came a new obsession….looking after myself. I now do a skincare routine every morning and evening, take the time to do a face mask and paint my nails.

The main point of this habit is not to make yourself look even more stunning, but we all know this helps you feel more confident in yourself which also can aid you being productive. This habit is to take time out from your busy day and make time for you This can be have a binge on the latest must see Netflix series, go for a walk or do some reading. What ever you makes you feel calm and de-stresses yourself and take time from your usual routine. This completely refreshes you and makes you feel ready to be productive and smash those goals you set yourself.

I have implemented many other daily habits which help me to be at my best, but this by far is currently my favourite Top 3 Daily Habits. Have you tried these habits, or are you planning to? 


I was literally ecstatic at keeping up with blogging and vlogging from the start of this year, then I have disappeared for the most month. This is what has happened…

So well Simply Stacey anxiety

So you may have remembered the point of my rebrand the beginning of the year, I was ashamed of my blog beforehand and rarely blogged. Then really got into my blogging since rebranding to this blog, not only successfully blogging twice a week I also started a YouTube Channel and uploading twice a week. Then came March, which simply was a blur, I don’t know where March went.

It started I had upped my working days to having just one day off, this meant my blog routine would have to change as I didn’t want to spend each week on my day off doing blog/vlog prep as this is my time with just Rowan. Before I even had the chance to start planning a new routine I started struggling in the evenings with exhaustion and headaches starting. I talked myself that this was due to time of month, but this carried on. My anxiety started kicking in again with was making me panic and procrastinate. Work wise I am extremely busy at the moment, it will be worth it in the end from having the chance to implement a system designed by myself and will be rewarding to know I can do this when this is implemented, but currently it is also extremely hectic.

Then also having germs lingering most weekends with one of us, Rowan with chickenpox it felt like we were housebound. I got to the point of trying to juggle being a working mummy, the house and being a mummy and felt completely exhausted. I felt so deflated that I had missed a few of my routine planned days, which I was really hard on myself at the time.

Then in March I had to go away for 2 nights on a course and thats when it all came to a head. Beforehand I could feel my anxiety kicking in, worrying over the smallest things about going away. But at the time these seemed enormous to me. I was already out of my comfort zone as I dread the courses I need to attend. I panic when put on the spot, and each course I feel I am always picked on to answer most questions. I must have one of those faces or radiate my fear and self doubt. Actually the course was good and the people had been the nicest people on any course I have attended so far. But that night I started one of my headaches. The only way I can describe this is pain from thinking. As soon as I concentrate I can’t think, I can’t organise or plan and being the person I am and normally in control, this was making me worse. The headache that night turned into the most awful migrane, to the point I was being sick and had to phone reception for tablets as I forgot mine.

I managed to get through the next days course with keeping tablets topped up, but again the pain started. This is how I could not even contemplate turning the laptop on and blogging. I couldn’t even face looking at my phone at night from the pain of concentrating. With all of this going on I realised how much I had put on myself and was physically exhausted.

I decided to go to the doctors about the headaches as also was having minimal sleep and up most nights, in the meantime before my appointment my ears started playing up and both went blocked. I always have had trouble with my lugholes and when this happens I get them syringed and all is good with the world again. This time one wouldn’t clear, this has never happened. The nurse said to leave it a week and see and keep adding oil. I tried the opticians as my eye test was due and all was ok, my eyes have got slightly worse but nothing out of the ordinary.

By the time my doctors appointment came I was in awful pain with my head, sickness and kept going extremely dizzy.  After 3 appointments in a week, it turns out I had labyrinthitis which also started vertigo. So I was put on anti sickness tablets, which helped slightly and was told about exercises to relieve the symptoms. I was given tablets for the headaches as this was shown as separate from being on the anti sickness tablets. The anxiety made it all worse from being unable to be in control and think. The tablets I have at night as they knock me out and they have really helped. When I forgot one at night, i couldn’t sleep and the pain started. I am also awaiting a head scan to check everything is ok.

So that is where I have been, obviously I started taking new blog photos again and planned this post and Rowan is coming out in a cold and I have a sore throat starting, so you can see what I am putting up with. Always something going on. I am able to think now though which is helping and still having off days but hoping they can unblock this ear next week as tinnitus has started now, then I should be back to myself.

simply stacey

 One thing this past month has brought me is a mini self care journey. I have made the time to do hobbies I enjoy and take some much needed time out. I have also got back into watching vlogs and channels. One in particular which is tanks to my bestie Estelle who brought me ‘Vlog Like A Boss’ for my birthday, which is an awesome book and I highly recommend it if you are thinking of starting a channel.

Anyhow I started watching Amy (the author) on YouTube and I have literally binge watched most of her channel. I love the help tips of time management, self care and recommendations which has led me on to listen to the audiobook 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins which has really helped with anxiety. I have really found Amy’s channel helpful and started me on a self care journey which has made a massive difference on my outlook. I have really eased up on myself of trying to be everywhere at once and be more organised and not so hard on myself.

I now have a goal list of inspirational people and speakers I wish to read and watch, as these videos for me have really motivated me. I feel already more in control again and glad the anxiety didn’t have a massive effect and I was able to slow it down in it’s tracks. I am good at knowing when it is kicking in and can normally sort this, very rarely it has left me how it had this time. I am now able to concentrate more now which again has made a difference as even thinking about what to do for dinner, what time I needed to be somewhere was hurting my head.

So hopefully I am back, I am going to try and freestyle days again but aim to do a minimum of a blog and a vlog a week, then if more then thats a bonus. If that doesn’t work then I will see when I come to that bridge. I want to say thankyou to everyone that has messaged me to see if I am ok, it has meant alot. I think mainly my batteries ran out and I got poorly, but I am currently recharging and am on my way back up.
















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