Hayfever and random days out in Wiltshire…..this is what we got up to in June as part of The Me and Mine Project.

Days Out in Wiltshire, me and mine project

Finally we have all been germ free! Apart from suffering with hayfever, as I write this I am sneezing away and trying to refine from scratching my eyes out. I have not suffered this bad for ages and have seen this year pollen is high due to a delayed spring. It also turns out that Rowan (aka my sickly child) also is suffering from hayfever. Anyone who suffers with this will know this can put a strain on enjoying the warm months of the year. I desperately want to plan exciting days out, but also know I will suffer for a few days after the event.

Yesterday we went out for the day, my hayfever was already at an all time high as Antony cut the grass the previous day (I am seriously contemplating astroturf this moment in time)so thought might as well just go for it, plus to make the most of the sunshine and some quality family time with the children.

Recently we purchased a family New Zealand Heritage pass as recommended by my lovely blogger friend Emily at A Slummy Mummy blog. I recently downloaded The National Trust app for ideas of places nearby, as we want ideas for days out and some beautiful places for me to practice improving photography skills. I was surprised that the app had so many beautiful places and not just houses, which is what I thought The National Trust was to be honest. We looked at passes but couldn’t afford the amount for the family pass, then Emily said about an awesome tip of purchasing New Zealand Heritage as the passes work over here and are a fraction of the price, the only thing not included is car parking.

Days Out in Wiltshire

We are lucky living in Wiltshire, how many places are near so we don’t have far to travel. We went on our first trip and went to Avebury, I was amazed this beautiful village is only half an hour away from us. We went to Lockeridge Dene first and the kids went jumping around like wild feral animals in the field of sarsen stones. Then we wanted to go and get some pictures and have a picnic near the stone circle in Avebury, unfortunately so did a huge number of other people and parking was literally impossible.

Days Out in Wiltshire, me and mine project

So with two ravenous children moaning in the heat, we headed back near home and went to the beautiful Lydiard Park and sent up a picnic, played football and blowed bubbles. Sometimes you forget how memorable cheap days out are and how you don’t have to go spending a fortune on an exciting day out. Randomly we done a similar thing last week, we had tea and the kids were arguing, so we all went on a dog walk, kids on the bikes and went to the park. It was brilliant as we had this to ourselves and the kids got to unload a load of steam before bed. The kids had such a lovely time, and just shows spending time together, no matter how or cost wise has such an impact on memories for you children to remember. I am sure the past couple of weeks they will remember the fun we had and do the same with their children in the future….oh gosh I just had a vision of me as a granny!

We are hoping to do some more local events and days out, maybe even fit in some geocaching as the kids absolutely love doing this. One thing I want to try as on my Slimming World diet and the kids are obsessed with fruit is going to a local ‘Pick Your Own’ farm, it is one of those things we keep meaning to do but never get round to this for some reason. So hopefully this will be the year.

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful



We are finally at the end of January, which means it is time for our first post for Dear Beautiful family photo project…Me and Mine Project

Me and Mine Project

We enjoyed taking part in The Sibling Project and have been looking forward to The Me and Mine Project as we had to try and get a family photo, rather then just the kids together.

As I mentioned in my previous Sibling Project post, these challenges are fantastic for you t o make the effort to get a photo. Wether you go out for the day or even take a selfie at home, getting a family photo to cherish is great. You don’t always have the time or think of taking a group photo. But these challenges make you do this.

We tried a picture at home, but Rowan was having none of this, so we went off for a wander round Lydiard Park. We took the scooters which I was also filming for a Day In The Life vlog post. Rowan is normally always in his buggy but he absolutely loved having the freedom on his 3 wheels.

Typically the weather turned whilst we was there and rain came. We only stayed for about an hour but had some chores at home to complete. We are going to do this again soon, and when the weather is nicer we will take a picnic and make a day of it. Normally we would take Bibi, but she has just started her first season and is not very happy about this, so she stayed at home in the warm for this adventure.

January has been a blur, the comedown from Christmas and getting back into routine has been tricky. Also with my birthday in the middle, we have been extremely busy. You can see what we have been up to in my latest upload Snapshots and Scenes above.


Josie has really changed in the last month and we have noticed her grow up dramatically. She has started taking a lot more responsibility and we have been getting great feedback from school about her behaviour. Last week she even received an award from her headteacher for doing work without being asked.


Rowan has also changed, he has really come on leaps and bounds speaking. He absolutely loved making our first Day in The Life vlog. Rowan has learnt to put his photo in the post box when leaving nursery and is still as OCD about tidying as ever. He has suddenly gone into the toddler phrase, and I am missing a baby around now. We won’t be having anymore though which I have been trying to come to the fact of this and how fast time flies way too fast.

I am looking forward to February and taking part in Me and Mine Project. We also have half term fun in the middle of February. We haven’t many plans for February apart from planning for the end of the month to start on decorating the children’s bedrooms. We have been luckily since moving end of 2016, that we had a blank canvas and Josie room is pink, so both bedrooms have been fine for the kids, but we really want to get these sorted for them over the next couple of months.


The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

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