This is my first ever time joining up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat on the weekly linky Little Loves. Read about needing more ‘Me Time’ and going on another cinema trip

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I have been wanting to join this linky for a while but have not got round to it, until now. I don’t know if i can join every week but I certainly want to try and join a couple of times a month. Also not just on my blog, but maybe to do the odd upload to my channel too.

The other linkies I join are more photo based, which I also enjoy. Little Loves is particularly great as I have found this has inspired mini goals for myself. I want to try and recreate more outfit posts and one of the subjects is ‘wore’ which has spurred me to take more photos.

Make sure you take a look at the webpage for Little Loves as you can do this linky in so many formats and meanings. With ‘read’ you don’t have to show the latest book you are reading, you can also share a favourite blog post as an example. You can be as creative as you wish.

So here is my first ever #LittleLoves …..


I really want to try and read more and am currently failing miserably in my Good Reads 2018 Challenge. I downloaded on my iBooks after Christmas ‘Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeymoon and did start this (a whole 4 pages) but just have not picked this up again, or any book. I have an awful habit of going on my phone before bed, one mini goal is to read this before the end of the month.

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Again I have not been binging on any shows. Last show was Stranger Things which I loved. I made the most of a night on my own the other week and instead of doing blog work I had some time out and watched The Hunger Games. I really need to take more time out and look at self care for myself sometimes. I am constantly on the go all the time. I also have been watching, which if you follow me then you will know I am obsessed with The Greatest Showman. I went to the cinema last week with Antony and Josie to see it again (number 6), I still love it as much as when I first watched the film. Even Antony has been twice now, which he doesn’t even like films.


You can guess what soundtrack I have been listening too, yes ‘The Greatest Showman’ I absolutely love it. I did try making a new Spotify playlist for a change for the commute home and found some songs I forgot I like. One of my favourites at the moment is ‘Beautiful Trauma’ sung by the talented P!nk.


You can catch on my channel my IKEA Haul from our trip last week (which the Day In The Life is being uploaded Sunday) and I made a new side table. I made one and Antony made another. Normally I find IKEA really easy to build and can make a Kallax unit with out looking at instructions as we have them in most of the rooms at home, but these were certainly challenging. I love one of the tables especially, which is actually a stool. The table matches the lounge perfectly.

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I don’t have the most exciting wardrobe and am an offender of rotating the same outfits. I want to try and be more creative with fashion and style. For now I was happy I found in the back of my wardrobe a star jumper from H&M  which I forgot I had in in this cold weather it was most welcome to keep me warm and toasty.



I have managed to be super productive and plan most of February. I am super proud of myself for keeping up with my blogging and channel uploads even with Rowan bad with chickenpox. He has managed to miss this quite a few times from nursery, but the spots started Monday morning coming out and the poor little mite is covered and really struggling. Even though it is awful to see him like this, I am glad like with Josie he has this now and to get this out of the way.

I hope you have enjoyed my first #LittleLoves and let me know you you are planning on joining this linky, or do you join other ones? Have you been to the cinema recently?



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