This week celebrates one of my favourite obsessions which I have harboured from being a child….. stationery. The year I got a Pilot pen set was one of my favourite birthdays. Plus don’t get me started on shopping before a new school year, the WH Smith times table pencil case was a must have.

Well next week is National Stationery Week (insert an excited shriek) and I am going to show you one of my favourite shops to go for my stationery supplies…. the mothership that is known as Typo.

Typo National Stationery Week

Shout out to fellow stationery hoarders, if you haven’t been to Typo yet…. then you will thank me when you do. If you love the pretty designs in Paperchase then you will certainly have the same gratitude for Typo. Don’t worry if you can’t get to a Typo store, they have a super cool website for you to buy much needed stationery…. we can all agree you can never have too much stationery (FACT).

Typo do much more than just stationery, there is a quirky home and tech range for you to purchase. In fact Typo is my one stop place for mugs, and these get so much attention in photos. Anyhow lets get back to the nitty gritty of their awesome stationery range. 

There was something very comfortable in having plenty of stationery

Typo National Stationery Week

Typo Stationery Haul

Recently I purchased a mini stationery purchase as Typo had a fantastic sale on, and if ever I need a reason (I don’t really need a reason) then I had to purchase some stationery items. 

I brought more sets of the 3pk To Do Lists, they match the colours of my office. I am a list maker, wether digitally or paper. You can’t beat a paper list and the overwhelming enjoyment in crossing off a task. Also I am not afraid to admit I am that person that will complete a task and add it to my list after execution and cross off to mark my accomplishment. I brought a few of these as I will be taking a set to work. Plus Typo change their stock for fresh designs so I stocked up while they were still available. 

Typo notebooks are also fabulous designs and really good prices, there are normally offers for multi-buys. I normally buy the spiral notebooks in mixtures of A4 and A5 but this time I also brought some hidden spiral notebooks. I have a small dalmation print theme through my home office in places and thought the notebook I purchased matched perfectly. The other said ‘Exert Procrastinator’ and well if the title fits. The A5 size are my favourites as they are easy to carry around. Josie my daughter has an extensive set of Typo notebooks. 

Typo has an extensive range of pens, which like the mugs I own a fair amount. My favourites are the Mickey Mouse thin pens. I had the cold one already and it is my favourite pen to use at home, so I also brought the black and rose gold one. I love Disney and Typo has some fantastic bits in store, and currently they have a Friends range from the hit TV Show which I have my eye on a Pivot notebook as this was one of my favourite scenes. If you know what I am on about then I can guarantee you are shouting ‘PIVOT’ in your head this moment…. no need for thanks. 

One of my favourite Disney items that I brought a while ago (not in store now but there are other designs) is the desk-pad. This is perfect as it matches my office colours, fits under my monitor stand and is Disney related. I love the fact there is no dates and I can use this for days or projects. I love this as if it was a month to a sheet and then Antony or the kids doodle on it I don’t have to waste a whole sheet, or sit there twitching at the non aesthetic looking doodles facing me while I work. 

Typo National Stationery Week
Typo National Stationery Week

I first came across the store when a new branch had opened at Cribbs Causeway in Bristol. Typo is certainly worth checking out if you want quirky, statement stationery which also is brilliant if you are in need of a gift. I love the fact the range is constantly changing so there is always something different, plus to suit all tastes. Not long ago was the tropical print which I adored, and also there was a dinosaur range. Currently there is Aladdin merchandise, ready for the film release in May.

I don’t think I will ever get fed up of stationery, and finally I am actually using all of my notebooks. Normally I would start a brand new book (honestly this beats ticking off a To Do List task) and then promptly make a mistake. Along comes my anxiety and the eye twitching would start and then I wouldn’t use it again. I am pleased to say I am working through this perfectionist problem and finally using them 🙂

I am looking forward to the fact that National Stationery Week falls over payday, as I am certain seeing so many stationery posts that they are going to influence me to need some new purchases.

If you check out my YouTube channel you will see Typo mentioned a fair few times in my haul videos, I told you I am a regular Typo shopper.

I would love to know if you are also a fellow stationery addict or hoarder? What is your favourite stationery purchase? Have you been to Typo before?


During half term I am able to work from home, which previously meant working from the kitchen table. I would have to carry the computer down from upstairs and then move each day to tidy up. This naturally led us to decide planning a home office. This would mean an addition of an extra room in the house, plus a place to work and do my blogging….my own little happy place. So the beginning of this year we made a home office with a semi garage conversion.

Originally we was planning on converting the garage into a playroom but we also needed space to store normal garage items such as the freezer, bikes and the normal garage items that you never use. This is when we started thinking about converting half of the garage instead but this would not be a huge playroom that we originally planned. Then it came to me like a lightening bolt, what about a home office. The size would not be an issue as the main part would be a desk which you can get any size, so I knew I could work with what size we had after the conversion.

We started planning the room towards the end of 2018 and hired S J Carpentry to look after the job for us. We have used Stewart many times and he always does a high standard, so we booked in a date to start the conversion. Excited was an understatement.

Work began in January this year on the office and the whole job took just under three weeks to complete. We experienced some problems which was mainly with building control. I don’t know the technical terms but at one point they wanted us to raise the roof which would have been out of our budget. Luckily instead of this mammoth task we was allowed to continue if we installed a fan, also we had to agree sound proofing the external wall and have a raised floor. Needless to say the job was signed off by the building regulations officer who was a happy bunny with the work.

Home Office Garage Conversion

Working in an office as my day job meant I felt strongly about having a home vibe, I didn’t want the home office to feel as an office as such. I wanted a space that felt like an extended part of our home, a space that us and the kids can also go and sit and relax if needed. Still I needed to be able to sit and concentrate when working, for this I wanted the room to feel relaxing and minimal.

Sitting Area

I was left solely for designing my new space and was adamant about having an occasional chair of some sort. Antony took some convincing on this but since I have a seat, we use it daily (told you I would Antony lol). I knew adding a chair would make the room feel homely and less of the office feel. I also decided against grey for the visitor chair (as we call it), mainly as the computer chair would be grey and to also take this opportunity to inject some colour. 

I struggled trying to find a chair in budget and that would meet my needs. I decided on a darker colour, mainly as we have 2 children, puppy and cat which I thought would not get dirty as easy. I finally found the perfect chair in Dunelm which was the Isla occasional chair in midnight, and can confirm it is super comfy.

This is also the item that has had the most compliments since the renovation and one of my favourite areas to sit, either when hiding from squabbling children or to read. I also love the fact the kids will come and sit in here and share the chair whilst I am working. I added a small blush cushion which also was purchased from Dunelm

Anyone who knows me well, knows I love Meat Loaf and went twice to see Bat Out Of Hell The Musical (which was awesome) and I do love my posters. We have different favourite film posters in frames in the lounge. Mum brought me this Bat Out Of Hell poster form our first visit. Being honest I contemplated adding this to my office and was undecided. I was worried this would stand out too much in the room and looking for the minimal instagram worthy feel. But then I decided, I love the poster and the room is for me and not for Instagram. As long as I like it and that is all that matters, and I am glad I chose to add it as it has made a feature in the room for my sitting area. 

Adding my Ikea favourite Kallax unit meant additional storage. We have these units in most rooms and great as cost effective and sturdy. Originally I was going to have this unit standing up but when filling the room I preferred this on the side as it fits in perfect. The Kallax unit is perfect for storing my art supplies and books. 

The Desk

Choosing the desk was a mammoth task as this would be the main point for the home office. I was always going to get the desk from IKEA as they are fine and sturdy, plus the budget limit. Originally I was set on the Malm Dressing Table as I liked the glass top, plus I didn’t think the office would be that big. Once the partition wall was up I was astounded at how much room I had to play with. 

When working from home, I need alot of room as excess paper work which meant the Malm Dressing Table was out. I went for the Thyge Desk which was a complete bargain considering the size of the desk. One reason I loved the desk is the desk space size, but also you can easily adjust the height. I have the desk on quite a high setting. 

This is my second office chair, my original one from which Antony brought me had to be returned as . unfortunately it arrived ripped. For the price I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the chair. I found the Hattefjall Chair in Ikea when we were desk shopping and it is so comfortable. I chose for the style without arms, but you can have the choice depending on which model you decide on. 

The add-on unit for my monitor was a later purchase which is the Alex Add-on Unit and I am so glad I purchased this. The unit has made the desk look more interesting, provided storage and makes my monitor at the perfect eye level. This is one of my favourite purchases for my office and still has left me with an epic amount of desk space.

Recently I decided to pimp this unit and brought a cheap LED colour changing strip from Amazon for £8 which is powered by USB, and means I can change to different colours to brighten my office. 


I have tried to keep accessories to a minimum at the moment, and slowly adding new purchases to the office. I brought picture ledge shelves from Ikea for my back wall. Mainly to brighten up a plain wall and add storage. Plus when I am vlogging, this gives a brilliant backdrop.  One of my favourite items is my diffuser from John Lewis. It was pricey but it is lasting for ages so far and smells nice all of the time. Other diffusers I find I smell for about an hour after changing the reeds but then the fragrance disappears. The Skandinavisk Diffuser Koto smells nice every time you go into the room, plus really stands out on the shelf. 

Are you even a blogger if you don’t have a letterboard?! This was originally upstairs at my original desk but I decided to put this in my office. This a fantastic way to inspire yourself with various positive quotes. Currently i have some lyrics from a Meat Loaf song. 

I have never brought real plants before but now I am obsessed. They have made a huge difference in my office for adding colour. When they all go for a sunbathing session in the kitchen, the office looks so plain. All of my plants, except the trailing one on the shelf are from The Little Botanical, which can also be found in John Lewis. I love the fact the pots come with the plants. One of my favourites is my Pilea Peperomioides which sits on my desk. 

I was lucky as for my birthday my mum brought me a Sonos Speaker with Alexa which I love playing in my office. I originally got one for Christmas which is in the lounge, when I am on my own I will link them both up together. I always have music on when working and love using this system. The speaker sits on my Kallax Unit, which is where my printer was meant to go but we ordered the wired one not wireless, so this is actually on a little unit hidden under my desk. Also under my desk is a basket which houses my lights and tripod.

Prints I have a couple up on the wall which I purchased, but to be honest I don’t think I will put much else print wise on the wall. I want to get some wire lettering to put above my computer and also an acrylic planner some point looking forward.

The door I had my heart set on, eventually we will replace upstairs with the same doors. We opted for a clear varnish to keep the existing door colour. I am glad we went for this door as it really sets off the room. Again this also adds some colour as everything else is white. 

Overall I absolutely love my office, it is so much nicer than I expected and I never thought we would have so much room. Using half of the garage means half is available still which we had a huge clear-out before the conversion started. 

I have worked from home a couple of times now and am often in here some point each day. It has made a huge difference for working from home, everything is set up ready and I can just get on and be productive. Bibi (our Weechon puppy) loves the rug I brought in Ikea, which was to stop my toes getting cold on the floor. She takes to laying on the rug, which is difficult to spot her as she camouflages. 

I have really enjoyed being creative and designing the space for my office, finding furnishings and styling. I will be doing a room tour on my YouTube Channel soon, so make sure you check that out.

Long term we would love to do an extension for a snug type room on the back of our house, leading onto the garden. The next projects will be the kids rooms, we have never decorated them as have been lucky since moving in as the house was a blank canvas and liveable. Then we will be painting downstairs, this will be a huge task as all of downstairs is more of less open plan. Also as mentioned before we have planned to do the internal doors and change the staircase. I certainly have caught a bug for interiors and enjoying planning our next projects. 


Productive apps, how I stay organised, Simply Stacey

Day to day, I not only need to be organised….I honestly love being organised. Being productive helps to motivate myself. There is honestly nothing better than ticking a task off your To Do List. When I meet my goals I do a little air punch, I am not ashamed. We all need to do more air punches in life. 

Being a working mummy I need to be super organised in all areas of my existence. Not only just for myself, but also for our family. The kids (no joke) have a better social life than me, they have so many events with nursery and school that I am like a personal assistant. Then I sometimes need to organise Antony and remind him (not nag as he would say) about tasks or dates he needs to remember. 

My job away from blogging and walking around with a camera vlogging, is on the extreme scale for staying organised. I work as a Quality and Regulatory Manager manufacturing medical devices and need to ensure all procedures are met, constantly stay up to date with standards, have a working retrievable system….the list goes on. So you might be getting an idea now that I wasn’t being dramatic. I need to be like a superhero with organisational skills who is radiating with productivity vibes. Ok maybe I was a little dramatic then, but you get the picture.

Focus on being productive instead of busy.

I am going to share with you six of my favourite apps that I am currently loving. These all help me stay on top and be productive. I tend to use certain apps for home/blogging and work, which I will cover in different posts. This is a small selection of apps, I am a sucker for a new app and use many. This list is my main ‘go to apps’ that I use constantly.

Bear App

Bear is hands down my favourite note taking app. I previously was solely using Evernote and I still do for work and longterm projects. I use Bear mainly for research and everyday notes. 

Bear took a little while to navigate, for example making folders you use a hashtag, and sub folders a forward slash. YouTube tutorials was how I learnt to use the app efficiently. 

Once you get use to the shortcuts you will find Bear is a simple app to use. For example you can change font style, add dividers, links and add bullet points. There is much more you can do with Bear to meet your needs and is well worth a download. 

Things 3 App

For my editorial and personal ‘to do list’ management system. I like the fact it is similar to the GTD (Getting Things Done) method, which is a fantastic book to read. Previously I was using Wunderlist, which for work I still use. I like to keep work and home tasks separate if possible. 

All my tasks go into the ‘Inbox’ section, from here or when doing my weekly planning I will allocate the next action steps. This can be adding to a separate folder, maybe the task isn’t urgent and for when have time. If this is the case I will add this to the ‘Anytime’ folder.

If the task needs a due date I will add this to the task itself, which then will automatically appear in the ‘Upcoming’ folder.

You can also make folders for specific projects or folders, which is helpful for planning.

Each task can be amended with checklists, due dates, notes etc. There is plenty of ways to add as much detail as you need.

I like the simplicity of Things 3, and have since downloading for my phone and iPad, I recently paid for the Mac version as I use this app daily. Things 3 is perfect for keeping me organised and letting me know the tasks for the day ahead. 


Fantastical App

The main secret for my organisational skills is Calendar Blocking. I will do a post and video about this soon as honestly it has been a life saver. Each week I plan the week ahead, for work and home. You start to realise how much time you have free in the day and the free time becomes more precious.

I am more regimental with calendar blocking during the week. Weekends I will block tasks I need to remember, or if I have a busy day ahead and want to stay organised. Orignally I was solely using Google Calendar with seperate calendar folders for various elements. For example I have an ‘Editorial’ calendar and ‘Home’ which is a couple of my many calendars. This is mainly for seeing specific entries for the calendar name. 

Fantastical is brilliant for my needs as I can link external calendars, which one is also my work calendar. Plus another addition is the fact I have the app as an element on my Apple Watch face so I know what is always happening. 

Google Calendar worked well for me, but Fantastical meets all of my needs and for me is the best calendar app I have downloaded and well worth the price. Planning your day ahead is one way to be super productive and I really recommend trying this. Make sure you keep an eye for future posts about this subject which I will show you how I make this effective for my needs.

BFT App, Bear Focus Timer, Pomodoro

Staying productive is hard when you have distractions which is mainly your phone. We all are guilty of this, you could be typing a blog post, working on an urgent project and your phone pings or you see a notification. Resisting the urge to see what indeed has come through to your phone is a hard task alone. This can then lead you breaking concentration or stopping what you are doing all together. 

One way to eliminate distractions on my phone was to remove notifications. I have minimal amounts alerting me. For any social media especially, no notifications appear. I have to physically go into the app to see if someone has tweeted or liked my recent Instagram selfie. 

To take this further I decided on a timer app on my phone. These are fantastic for stopping you using your phone. Originally my first timer was Forest, I still use this app. You decide on which tree to grow which is dependant on the length of time you wish to not check your phone. Eventually if you grow enough trees and receive coins you can plant real trees for charity which is a. nice addition. Obviously if you have a sneaky peek on your phone outside of the app and go looking to see where Maureen has tagged herself on facebook then your tree will sadly die.

Then on one of my many researching moments I came across the Pomodoro Method. For this you have 25 minute sections and in between 5 minute breaks. This really helps when on big tasks and really does work.

Bear Focus Timer (BFT) focuses using the Pomodoro Method which helps you stay productive. You can even have white noise playing if you wish, I am more of a Spotify focus playlist person to be honest on that part of. the apps features. If you use your phone the bear is not going to be happy with you and makes you put that phone back down and carry on smashing your tasks. 

Mindnode App

Brain dumping is perfect for staying productive. Emptying your thoughts helps empty your brain to concentrate on the task ahead.  Also brainstorming is a method I regularly use.

MindNode is perfect for brainstorming or having a brain dump session. I again use this app at home and work. Some examples of how I use is for content ideas, planning blog posts. Over Christmas I used MindNode to plan tasks, for example Christmas Dinner, shopping, activities. The app makes this so easy to start building a structral idea. 

MinNode is one of my more recent apps, and is now also one of my most favourite. Again I love the simplicity of the app. Not only being simple to use the app makes me super productive and creative. I have been using this more recently for work when planning a project and cannot recommend enough trying to brainstorm and seeing how much you actually start building on ideas. 

Instapaper App

Instapaper is perfect for those moments when browsing the internet and you come across a page that you simply haven’t got time to browse fully but want to read some other time. 

You can set Instapaper up for a shortcut on your phone. I simply go to share and find the app icon, also you can get a desktop extension for ease of use. 

Previously I was using screenshots but they would get lost on my phone and not convenient to find the pages I wanted to re-visit. 

Other ways I use the app is for when browsing Pinterest, I find pages from pins I have checked out and want to save this for later. 

I tend to check out pages when I schedule a research hour or weekly review. A pattern with these apps is the simplicity and aesthetically pleasing look. 

Making use of your phone apps can help enhance your productivity and staying organised to your own needs You can build your own platform of apps that help make your own life easier. 

I prefer staying organised digitally as it is so easy nowadays with the technologies available to us. On twitter the other week I was chatting about apps with a fellow blogger and I mentioned how much easier I would have found staying organised when at school and college. I mean it didn’t make a difference as these apps was not around back in my days of being a teen, I would just live by my filofax and mum being my calendar. 

However now living in this digitally minded world, I am embracing apps to make life simpler. There are so many to view and try and my main tip is find what works for you based on your own needs. Hopefully this will give you an insight on apps you may not have seen before and hopefully may help your needs.

Have you got a favourite app for being productive or staying organised?


Swindon Wyvern, Aladdin Pantomime

One of my earliest and happiest memories of my childhood, was going as a family to the pantomime. This is one tradition that I have tried to carried over with my own family. I think Christmas in one of the main times for traditions. These could be from your childhood or why not start a new tradition. 

Pantomimes are perfect for all the family, no matter what age. It is a chance to take time out from hectic Christmas preparations and enjoying time together as a family, with friends or as a night out to the theatre.  The feel good songs, lovable characters and of course the booing of the baddies. I love hearing all of the children getting excited screaming ‘he’s behind you’. Pantomimes indeed make me feel festive and ready for the Christmas build up. 

The Wyvern Theatre in Swindon, kindly invited us to attend press night and see the production of this years pantomime….Aladdin. Starring Eastenders longest cast member, Ian Beale. Otherwise known as the talented Adam Woodyatt playing the evil baddie Abanazar (commence the booing). This actually is Adam’s 12th pantomime. Last year Adam actually squirted my husband Antony in the face…..much to my amusement.

Adam Woodyatt, Aladdin, Swindon

Josie originally was thinking of the Disney classic Aladdin. This is of course the pantomime version but there are similarities such as the lamp, genie and magic carpets and of course Aladdin.

This pantomime version of Aladdin brings in many characters such as Aladdin (Adam Bailey), Princess Jasmine (Rosanna Harris), Genie (Richard J Hunt),  Widow Twankey (Neil Bromley), Wishee Washee (Gary Jerry), The Emperor (David McKechnie) and Spirit of The Ring (Crischaela Vallender).

The production is brought together by the brilliant Ensemble who brings the scenes even more to life.  A great fact I found out was the dancers are part of a Juvenile Chorus and attend local schools and colleges. This is such a great touch for getting youngsters involved and a theatre production experience.

There are many feel good songs including a couple from mine and Josie’s favourite film of 2018… The Greatest Showman. Also including a sing-a-long of Baby Shark with Wishee Washee. You can’t help but join in with the actions, mainly as the song tends to stick in your head.

Aladdin, Adam Bailey

One part of the pantomime that was magical was the scene with Aladdin soaring through the sky on the magic flying carpet. Josie’s face was an absolute picture as she couldn’t work out how Aladdin was flying. For a pantomime you expect the normal special effects like the strategically placed smoke when Abanazar appeared on stage. The flying carpet really made the pantomime shine. 

The whole cast put on an amazing production. Adam Woodyatt again was brilliant, there was a hysterical scene with Wishee Washee, Abanazar and Widow Twankey in her laundrette, which had me crying with laughter.

Wishee Washee played by Gary Jerry was one of my favourite characters. Gary encouraged the audience to join in and had everyone clapping along. I also loved the sass of The Genie, Richard who was completely suited to the roll.

This was another fantastic pantomime put on by The Wyvern in Swindon. The Aladdin pantomime production is on until 6th January 2019. Next year is Sleeping Beauty which we will be booking and hopefully be taking Rowan to his first pantomime. 

*** These tickets were gifted by The Wyvern Theatre during Press Night. All words are honest and my own thoughts. 

*** Photo Credit | Anthony Hunt Photography


Do you ever look around and notice items are starting to clutter up space? Have you not used an item for months or even years? Do you feel cluttered in yourself? Then maybe it is time for a decluttering session. This may seem a daunting task, but hopefully some methods I have come across may be of help to get you started…..

Effective Decluttering Methods | Do you ever look around and notice items are starting to clutter up space? Have you not used an item for months or even years? Do you feel cluttered in yourself? Then maybe it is time for a decluttering session. This may seem a daunting task, but hopefully some methods I have come across may be of help to get you started

Please note some items have affiliate links, These have been marked with *

The benefits of having an uncluttered life is to also have your head uncluttered. I have been studying minimalism and various decluttering methods and have found these so inspiring. Decluttering increases motivation and doing this in my own home has meant I have more head space, I simply do not feel as cluttered in my home life. This is from even starting the smallest of tasks from sorting our wardrobe to a larger project of weekly tip and charity shop runs for emptying the garage.

I have also found since decluttering, I have become more money conscious. I have always been careful not to overspend, but since this challenge of living a simplified life, I have questioned ‘do I really need another book, as I have 5 unread books on my shelf’ and found myself really thinking more before making any purchases. Decluttering has not only meant everything is starting to look aesthetically pleasing, but I am more aware of my items and surroundings plus one huge benefit….there is less to clean. If you are having to move the 20 bottles of skincare ointments and creams you have (even though you realistically only probably use a couple of them) this will take you more time to clean. Being ruthless will mean you have less standing there and in return, less to move for cleaning.

Try and be mindful of the items you declutter, we only take what we can’t recycle, donate or sell to the recycling centre. Last month we made over £100 for random decluttering from the garage, and the garage has so much space now. We are planning an internal semi office conversion in the garage and the space was always an issue. There was so much junk out there and we have tried a few times clearing out, but it never looked any different. Now there is so much empty floor space.

Effective Decluttering Methods | Kon Mari

So here are my favourite decluttering methods and ways to help you start decluttering and live a simpler life……

KonMari Method

I recently read ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up*‘ by Marie Kondo, which no lie was totally motivating. By page 16 I had 3 bags of clothes for the clothing bank,  I had decluttering my wardrobe and now all of our clothes are folded in the KonMari format, which you must check out. The space you save is amazing, once you start doing this method you will wonder why you hadn’t thought of this before.

Marie Kondo helps you to declutter by category. The main thing to remember when applying this method is ‘Spark of Joy’ does the item you are holding gives you that joy, if not then discard the item. I loved the book and applied some of the methods, not all of them. I found the stroking your clothes and being thankful a little too far, but never less the book got me starting the decluttering task.

The KonMari method of decluttering, will mean this will take time. This method is for those who are serious or need that push to complete the task ahead. This is not for those who have a spare 10 minutes. For example when sorting your wardrobe, you need to empty ALL of the contents on the floor and go through each item. This may be time consuming, but the sense of achievement is immense at completing a mammoth task.

Instagram Challenges

This is a new method I have come across which was completely by accident. You know how it is when you come across a new favourite feed….you find yourself scrolling through every highlight and photo for the fantastic content.  One I found recently was @EveryDayAmazingYou on Instagram, Jessica is extremely motivational and has designed a super fun decluttering challenge, for example:

  • Day 1   | Make Up
  • Day 10 | Keepsakes
  • Day 22 | Books

Instagram challenges are extremely fun as you can see everyone’s progress, for Jessica’s challenge check out #WantLoveNeedChallenge. I hope there will be more as I definitely will be taking part in future ones. I may even try and catch the end of this challenge. Either way, it is a fantastic way again to get you started and can be broken down into small steps.

Make Lists

This method is simple and yet effective. Motivation exceeds that moment you cross of a task on a list, either by pen and paper or digitally which I love using Wunderlist, so extend this feeling of triumph for starting to declutter. Take a step back and break down areas in your home, for example I want to sort the airing cupboard. There are towels and bedding that we don’t use but keep for incase we may go through 4 sets in one night (which has never happened) so this will be added to my list.

Also you can simplify into sub-categories. An example is childrens toys, you can break down by toy category or storage space. You can sub category the kitchen for example sort your pan draw, spice rack, the kitchen draw that is for anything and everything…we all have that draw somewhere in the house. Make it as simple of long winded as you want, the main thing is as you start ticking off tasks you will soon be getting in the full swing of decluttering.

Minimalist Game

I love watching Matt D’Avella on YouTube, his editing style is awesome and Matt is who actually got me interested into Minimalism. I watched The Minimalists documentary on Netflix which was directed by Matt D’Avella and this widened my interests more into this way of living. The Minimalists are Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn and they have hundreds of people joining each month in their #minsgame on social media. The format of the method is simple, on the first day of the month you declutter 1 item, on the second day of the month you declutter 2 items and so on. By the end of a 31 day month you will have decluttered 496 items (yes this took me a whole coffee frappuchino to work this out).

This method is effective for the amount of decluttering, and the purpose of building up the amount as the moth passes is to build your momentum decluttering, this helps you build confidence in your decisions for letting go of items. I love this idea, for starting out and seeing where you go with this.

Closet Hanger Method

Another new method I have come across which was originally brought to light by Oprah Winfrey is the Closet Hanger Method. Do apply this method hang all of your clothes on hangers and face all of the hangers one way. As you wear clothes you turn the hanger round the opposite way, soon after 6 months (to allow for seasons) you will see items you are not wearing and then donate, sell or take to a clothing bank the unworn garments.

I was thinking this is just a clothes way of decluttering. But I reckon you could do a list or add labels for other items, for example the kitchen cupboards or toys. See what toys your kids are not playing with or grown out of, and make way for Santa bringing exciting new toys. I have taken this approach whilst decluttering the garage, if we haven’t used it in the past year then do we really need it?

Do you feel like decluttering?

The main thing is to just go for it, these methods are simply to make decluttering achievable and motivational. Even if you spend 5 minutes decluttering a week, or one item a day… then that is still one item less than you began with. You can always take your own spin on the methods, or you can tweak all of the methods to suit your needs.
I have found the more I look round after decluttering and being organised in putting what I keep away, that I feel a great sense of achievement and in control of my home and surroundings. I have even took this to work and had a declutter in my office. I would love to hear if you try any of the above methods or are planning too?

I was invited Press Night to see this years Wyvern Theatre Summer Youth Project production of the Charles Dickens classic musical…Oliver

Oliver Summer Youth Project Wyvern Theatre Swindon

The Summer Youth Project is a youth project based Swindon. During the summer holidays, The Wyvern Theatre gives up to 200 youngsters aged 9-21 the chance for an experience of working in a professional theatre. Not only for the chance of being on stage in front of the audience, but also providing a youth technical team and many are behind the scenes working on the production.

The most amazing fact about productions from the Summer Youth Project is the whole project is executed in just two weeks…..yes I haven’t made a typo, the whole annual Summer Youth Project family produce a spectacular production in just under a fortnight, this is from the start of the project to the finished five performances. In able to achieve the mammoth task of a full scale musical in an unbelievable amount of time, the Summer Youth Project are provided with a highly skilled creative team to assist and guide the team.

Wyvern Theatre’s Theatre Director Derek Aldridge gave a speech before the show to us in the pre-show hospitality room about the project and the Wyvern Foundation. Derek stated about the hard work gone into the performance and I like the fact even the staff at The Wyvern are all so proud of the cast on and off stage. Everyone across the board was getting involved in the excitement, we even were given smudges upon arrival which Josie thought was brilliant.


Consider Yourself One Of Us!

The Summer Youth Project have produced many productions over the past 24 years, and this year was the turn of the classic Oliver directed by Maggie Rawlinson. I used to love the film Oliver, and for some reason is one film we haven’t got round to watching as a family. Watching the production made me remember how much I loved the film. I brought Josie-Ann along to watch this performance of Oliver, Josie loves films, musicals and theatre so she was my perfect companion for this show.

Oliver Summer Youth Project Swindon Wyvern Theatre

Upon taking our seats at The Wyvern Theatre, straight away the set looked outstanding. I wasn’t expecting a fully designed set to the level this was. Straight away you feel like you are watching a professional production. As the lights drop and the stage lighting commences, suddenly swarms of youngsters started appearing using the aisles and stage and all singing beautifully. I loved how the production used all areas of the theatre. This means the large Summer Youth Project can show off each person, even the performers who haven’t got principle roles were still all given their moments to shine. I thought this was a lovely effect and really shows everyone gets their opportunity to be on the stage.

The whole set worked all the way through the production, slightly changing depending on the current scene in play. Each set change was swiftly changed and again all looked professional. from the high numbers from the start of the production appearing and all in the correct places, each person knowing exactly their position and the delivery of the first song I could now get out of my head all of this has been done in under two weeks.

Oliver Summer Youth Project Wyvern Theatre Simply Stacey

Casting was indeed superbly chosen. The performers who was chosen to star for the principles roles were perfect at their roles. Oliver (Cory White) was uncanny to Oliver in the film, and was perfectly portrayed. All of the roles were so outstanding and seriously I would struggle to pick out performers that shone as each and every performer put in over 100% into their roles and each performer was simply outstanding. Nancy (Rhea Thorpe) was excellent with the accent, her singing was perfect. The way Rhea brought the character to life was superb along with her sidekick Bet (Imogen Timms). One character that I disliked in the film but absolutely loved on the Summer Youth Project performance was Mr Bumble (Toby Kearney), he was brilliantly showcased and I much preferred the way Toby portrayed the character.

Oliver Summer Youth Project Swindon Wyvern Theatre Simply Stacey

One of the most known characters, The Artful Dodger (Michael Kerr) again was just like the film showcasing the likeable cheeky charm of the lovable character. One character that I did think I wonder how they portray was Fagin (Archie Fisher). Archie was actually nothing short of amazing. The way he performed and executed the character, showing the style of Fagin was out of this world. Watching Archie perform you totally forgot he is only a 16 year old lad, you completely get drawn in to believing he is actually Fagin. The way Archie portrayed his character was unbelievable, the solo song Archie performance of ‘Rewriting The Situation’ was amazing, not just because of the singing but also the acting of the musical number.

Oliver Summer Youth Project Wyvern

I don’t know any of the cast personally, but you can’t help feeling so proud of them all watching the performance. Each performer shone in their own right. The high quality performances the performers brought to the stage shows with the dedication and commitment they have shown with the incredible time of producing Oliver that the cast of the Summer Youth Project are destined for amazing careers. I must also state again, even the technical side was flawless and the backstage crew get easily forgotten about, but you can see how much work they also have put in to the show.

The performance was so high quality that you honestly felt like you was watching a West End production. One of the many highlights watching the production was how much the enjoyment shone through the performers. Each member of the Summer Youth Project was in there element performing. The big musical numbers was one of my personal favourites throughout the performance. The flawless choreography and musical numbers were spectacular and of West End quality. I absolutely loved  after the outstanding finale performance of ‘Food Glorious Food, Consider Yourself, I’d Do Anything’ (Reprise) the audience applauded and the cast received standing ovations for their extraordinary performance. The part I noticed is how much all  of the cast members faces shown at this moment. Each and every performers faces were beaming which I am sure this makes the extreme hard work totally worth it. They all also look like they have made some great friends which is another bonus from attending the project.

Thank you to the Wyvern Theatre for inviting us and a huge thank you to the Summer Youth Project for a spectacular performance. If you would like to find out more about the Summer Youth Project then click here for details. Josie was absolutely blown away with the show (and turned 9 this week) is desperate to join the project in 2019 for their performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  At the time of writing this the last show of Oliver is tonight, but you can buy tickets online at Swindon Wyvern Theatre for each of the performances the Summer Youth Project show.

See the lastest shows on at The Wyvern Theatre here.

Simply Stacey,

*** The Wyvern Theatre invited us to review the show and exchanged us tickets in return. All comments and thoughts are my own words and completely honest. Photo credits to Vicki Blatchley.

I absolutely adore hand lettering and quotes, and was over the moon when Old English Company contacted myself to review their excellent range. See what I chose and my thoughts of the products…

Old English Simply Stacey

Old English Company got in touch with myself and asked if I would like to review their products, and this by far is one of my favourite reviews to have took part in.

You may have seen on my channel that we have been trying to make our house more like a home. We were lucky to have moved in to a blank canvas and can take our time to decorate, but in the meantime I have become obsessed by buying plants and succulents, plus wanting prints dotted around. I could never decide on what prints and constantly look on Instagram for inspiration.

I decided to order something I wouldn’t normally and go for mainly prints. There is some fabulous choices to choose from and I really struggled whittling this down to three. I decided on a quote for downstairs or in our bedroom which was ‘Amazing Things Will Happen’ I also chose a matching mug which you will certainly be seeing on my Instagram. The simplicity of the design drew me to the items I chose, the only trouble I had was whittling my choice down from the large range available.

I also decided to order a print each for both of the kids rooms. We are looking at decorating which was planned the end of March, but due to the lovely weather and us all getting every bug going we just haven’t had a chance. We have decided to do this when the weather gets nicer and we can leave windows open to eliminate fumes.

I chose for Rowan ‘Enjoy The Little Things’ mainly due to the kids growing so fast. Next year I am going to have to apply for primary school for Rowan and secondary school for Josie, it goes by so quick and you really do need to remember to live by this quote. You don’t need to be doing extravagant things all the time, especially if like us with finance being a problem, some of the most special memories are doing something little and basic and even staying in at home just spending quality time together.

Josie-Ann chose her own print, which she actually surprised me with the choice. I absolutely adore her choice and I was so glad I let her decide by herself. Josie has always had issues with confidence and since moving schools she is like a different child. Her confidence is booming and she is becoming a lovely young lady, well once you take the normal argument of hair brushing and time for bed out of the equation. I think we all could do with being a little bit more fierce in life.

I ordered frames as soon as I had placed my order. I am impatient and knew I would have to get these up straight away mainly due to the sheer excitement of these arriving. They came extremely well packaged and excellent quality logo self seal bags. The mug was well packaged and all arrived in great condition.

The items are high quality and I totally think these are worth the money. I will be certainly be ordering some more prints for the home. I also have my eye on some tops from their sister site Letter Clothing Company. I also like that all products are made in the UK. I had a bad experience with seller for an item I purchased at Christmas, but how efficient and helpful the people behind the Old English Company have been have restored my faith using different companies other than the big brands.

There is a choice of 3 sizes: 8×10″, A4 and A5. There are also some options of different styles of the same print, plus some you can add personalisation. I am going to look at getting Rowan the alphabet print which you can highlight a pacific letter and underneath it states ‘R is for Rowan’

I am currently on a self care journey and finding quotes more meaningful, so having statements in the rooms that stand out really makes such a difference. I decided on putting my quite in the kitchen where I have found a free little corner that is perfect. You can see it from the sofa and when in the kitchen and this really stands out when you walk past. I nearly went for in our bedroom as I have a little workspace there too, but have decided I will order a different quote for the bedroom, possibly sleep related. Then possibly a A5 print for my work area. I also have started putting quotes around my desk at work and again these would be perfect.

Josie wanted hers up before we decorate so we chose her favourite spot in her room, which is above her bed. She loves her favourite toys all around her bed and her happy dreams bunting we made. Rowans I done again on a small piece of wall, normally I wouldn’t have added much on small walls but since looking for inspiration this has encouraged me to make use of these small spaces, which makes it look stunning as they really do stand out.

One of the items that surprised me and that is huge in the blogging community was Old English Co also do cute enamel pins and patches. Most bloggers I know are pin collectors and will love the enamel pin display which is also for sale on the website.

On the website for Old English Company you can get so much more beautiful hand lettered items, not just prints. There is a large option of goods to order, such as planners, pillows, homewares, cards, stationery and many more. I really recommend you check them out, also go and have a look at their Instagram page.  These items also make excellent gifts which I have compiled a list of ideas for presents I need.

I loved the prints I received, and they really do look stunning in their chosen places. With the simplicity of the designs I chose, they look great in any design room.

Have you ordered prints before, or has this inspired you to purchase your own ones? I was amazed how much in a frame a print can change the look of an area.

*Items was sent from Old English Co. in exchange for my opinion. All words are honest and my own.










I was literally ecstatic at keeping up with blogging and vlogging from the start of this year, then I have disappeared for the most month. This is what has happened…

So well Simply Stacey anxiety

So you may have remembered the point of my rebrand the beginning of the year, I was ashamed of my blog beforehand and rarely blogged. Then really got into my blogging since rebranding to this blog, not only successfully blogging twice a week I also started a YouTube Channel and uploading twice a week. Then came March, which simply was a blur, I don’t know where March went.

It started I had upped my working days to having just one day off, this meant my blog routine would have to change as I didn’t want to spend each week on my day off doing blog/vlog prep as this is my time with just Rowan. Before I even had the chance to start planning a new routine I started struggling in the evenings with exhaustion and headaches starting. I talked myself that this was due to time of month, but this carried on. My anxiety started kicking in again with was making me panic and procrastinate. Work wise I am extremely busy at the moment, it will be worth it in the end from having the chance to implement a system designed by myself and will be rewarding to know I can do this when this is implemented, but currently it is also extremely hectic.

Then also having germs lingering most weekends with one of us, Rowan with chickenpox it felt like we were housebound. I got to the point of trying to juggle being a working mummy, the house and being a mummy and felt completely exhausted. I felt so deflated that I had missed a few of my routine planned days, which I was really hard on myself at the time.

Then in March I had to go away for 2 nights on a course and thats when it all came to a head. Beforehand I could feel my anxiety kicking in, worrying over the smallest things about going away. But at the time these seemed enormous to me. I was already out of my comfort zone as I dread the courses I need to attend. I panic when put on the spot, and each course I feel I am always picked on to answer most questions. I must have one of those faces or radiate my fear and self doubt. Actually the course was good and the people had been the nicest people on any course I have attended so far. But that night I started one of my headaches. The only way I can describe this is pain from thinking. As soon as I concentrate I can’t think, I can’t organise or plan and being the person I am and normally in control, this was making me worse. The headache that night turned into the most awful migrane, to the point I was being sick and had to phone reception for tablets as I forgot mine.

I managed to get through the next days course with keeping tablets topped up, but again the pain started. This is how I could not even contemplate turning the laptop on and blogging. I couldn’t even face looking at my phone at night from the pain of concentrating. With all of this going on I realised how much I had put on myself and was physically exhausted.

I decided to go to the doctors about the headaches as also was having minimal sleep and up most nights, in the meantime before my appointment my ears started playing up and both went blocked. I always have had trouble with my lugholes and when this happens I get them syringed and all is good with the world again. This time one wouldn’t clear, this has never happened. The nurse said to leave it a week and see and keep adding oil. I tried the opticians as my eye test was due and all was ok, my eyes have got slightly worse but nothing out of the ordinary.

By the time my doctors appointment came I was in awful pain with my head, sickness and kept going extremely dizzy.  After 3 appointments in a week, it turns out I had labyrinthitis which also started vertigo. So I was put on anti sickness tablets, which helped slightly and was told about exercises to relieve the symptoms. I was given tablets for the headaches as this was shown as separate from being on the anti sickness tablets. The anxiety made it all worse from being unable to be in control and think. The tablets I have at night as they knock me out and they have really helped. When I forgot one at night, i couldn’t sleep and the pain started. I am also awaiting a head scan to check everything is ok.

So that is where I have been, obviously I started taking new blog photos again and planned this post and Rowan is coming out in a cold and I have a sore throat starting, so you can see what I am putting up with. Always something going on. I am able to think now though which is helping and still having off days but hoping they can unblock this ear next week as tinnitus has started now, then I should be back to myself.

simply stacey

 One thing this past month has brought me is a mini self care journey. I have made the time to do hobbies I enjoy and take some much needed time out. I have also got back into watching vlogs and channels. One in particular which is tanks to my bestie Estelle who brought me ‘Vlog Like A Boss’ for my birthday, which is an awesome book and I highly recommend it if you are thinking of starting a channel.

Anyhow I started watching Amy (the author) on YouTube and I have literally binge watched most of her channel. I love the help tips of time management, self care and recommendations which has led me on to listen to the audiobook 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins which has really helped with anxiety. I have really found Amy’s channel helpful and started me on a self care journey which has made a massive difference on my outlook. I have really eased up on myself of trying to be everywhere at once and be more organised and not so hard on myself.

I now have a goal list of inspirational people and speakers I wish to read and watch, as these videos for me have really motivated me. I feel already more in control again and glad the anxiety didn’t have a massive effect and I was able to slow it down in it’s tracks. I am good at knowing when it is kicking in and can normally sort this, very rarely it has left me how it had this time. I am now able to concentrate more now which again has made a difference as even thinking about what to do for dinner, what time I needed to be somewhere was hurting my head.

So hopefully I am back, I am going to try and freestyle days again but aim to do a minimum of a blog and a vlog a week, then if more then thats a bonus. If that doesn’t work then I will see when I come to that bridge. I want to say thankyou to everyone that has messaged me to see if I am ok, it has meant alot. I think mainly my batteries ran out and I got poorly, but I am currently recharging and am on my way back up.
















One of my goals for this year is to make more me time, this is one thing I very rarely do. I really need to make the time for self care…

Me time, take time for yourself

Taking time for myself is always something I want to do, but either after a busy day I am too tired or I don’t have time. I always put others first, epescially the kids needs and often neglect taking some much needed time for myself.

I have lots of hobbies such as photography, drawing, colouring, handlettering to name a few but I always put these on the back burner and often forget to take time out. Having me time doesn’t just have to be doing hobbies, there is many ways such as having a pamper, read a book, just sit and listen to an album. What ever way you find comfort in relaxing and having a moment to yourself, most of us don’t take the time to do this.

I recently took half an hour to do some colouring, which I haven’t done for a long time and it made me so relaxed. I love anything with art and I really need to make more time for this. I am debating trying to take time a couple of evenings a week, take the time away from blogging as my routine means the posts are always completed. For me having routines works much easier. So to make the time of having an evening free could be slotted in.

Colouring, Johanna bashford, me time

There are many ways to take some me time and to relax. As I mentioned before, you may have your hobbies. You may like art like me, or you may be a bookworm or budding Lego enthusiast. If you are like me and need to take some me time then try a challenge for a month of once a week taking some time out.

Some ways of having me time could be:

  • Bubble Bath
  • Painting
  • Reading
  • Gaming
  • Writing
  • Pampering
  • Baking
  • Drawing
  • Shopping
  • Photography
  • Reading
  • Binge Watching
  • Sleeping

You don’t have to just take time to complete hobbies if taking me time. You may not even have a hobby. There are other ways to have a relaxing moment, such as going for a coffee. I went through a stage of making sure I went to costa an evening a week. I would do blog work while there which I find relaxing, but I wanted to try and get out of the house and be me. Normally I am either at home with the kids or at work, so having a moment away with no little children or husband and having a peaceful vanilla latte made such an impact. I haven’t done this for a while and must start this again.

Also last year I braved the fear of going to the cinema on my own. Antony is not keen on films and we don’t ask people to babysit often so I decided to go on my own one night and after the initial anxiety panic kicked in I was ok. Taking this time to myself pushed me out of my comfort zone but at the same time I was glad I done this. I find being a mummy I tend to feel naked with no child with me and use them as a barrier in a way to make myself more comfortable, so even going for a costa on my own is a big thing for me.

There are numerous ways to make some me time and looking after your self care. The biggest challenge is taking the time, and not pushing this aside as everyone needs a few minutes to themselves. Even if this is 10 minutes in your lunch break or booking a day off to yourself, make sure you take the time for self care and put yourself first. Not doing this is going to make you feel pushed and you can burn yourself out. Taking the chance to ensure you have me time helps you be productive and gives you a breather.

What are your tips for ensuring you look after your self care? Have you any favourite me time activites?



A month on from the launch of my YouTube channel, can I now class myself as a vlogger?

vlogger, youtuber, mummyvlog. vlog

During my time blogging, I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel. I have never had the confidence before now to achieve this. As I have mentioned before, since my rebrand I have really upped my blogging game. I have even stuck to my blogging planned days uploads for over a month now. The difference this has made to my traffic and interaction has been awesome and has made the hard work worthwhile.

Blogging and my channel are both my hobbies that I do in my own time, while working and being a mummy. I am managing to slot this in to my hectic lifestyle. Mind you I have half term coming up and Rowan has broke out in chickenpox so this will be a test. Bloggers put so much time into planning, writing posts, photography, scheduling and social media. I thought this was an immense amount of work until I also started running a YouTube channel alongside.

When planning content for my channel, and hours of research. I call this research (really was watching my favourite vloggers) I started deciding how I wanted to create my own style and videos. I love the ‘Day In The Life’ vlogs and decided from the start I wouldn’t be good enough or have the confidence for this. I decided on my first vlog would be ‘Get To Know Me’ this seemed a good place to start. After my first take of constantly going ‘ummmm’, my second take I started getting used to just chatting away. I decided to upload and hope for the best. I was overcome from the amount of positive message that appeared in my inbox.

This gave me the push to do a haul, this would be my first one of its kind. This time I found it so much easier, and even enjoyed chatting away to my camera lens. Soon I decided to attempt a ‘Day In The Life’. This was such hard work, but totally amazing and I had a blast making this. After editing I was so damn proud of myself. My vlogs may not be the best, but I am really happy with the content so far, and love looking over them and noticing moments I have filmed that have been special.

I will never watch another vlogger now without thinking about the hard work that has gone in to making the 20 minute insight into their life video. From moving the tripod to film different angles, editing to create a seamless short story of your day, the short clips to fill in gaps in your vlog, choosing the correct music. There is so much detail in some of the vlogs I watch and I have tried to recreate this in my own style.

Of course you can do a simple vlog, even just sit there and chat away. The main point is wether you are posting a new blog post or uploading a new video to your channel…do what you love. Don’t worry about trying to please everyone, you can’t please everyone. I have seen so many bloggers this last month state they wish to start a channel but lack in confidence….my answer is go for it, the more you do the more confident you become and it really is so much fun. You get to be creative and plan how to stage your video. I still pick problems with my videos, I worry how I look, how I sound, the fact instead of saying ‘ummmm’ I keep saying ‘so’, but I am highly critical of myself. Infact after a month of vlogging I am getting less picky about my vlogs and actually feeling proud of them. After editing and adding music, the transformation from a bunch of small clips to a substantial good quality vlog is extremely rewarding.

I am no expert in anyway and have completed my first month since launching and doing regular uploads twice a week. I just want those who think they can’t start a YouTube Channel but wish too, to push your limits and have a go. I have learnt so much in a month of starting  my vlog. I am so glad I have pushed myself to start vlogging and really wish I done this earlier. After my first month I am now happy to call myself a vlogger.

You can check my channel here

Have you got a YouTube Channel for me to check out? Do you want to launch your own?



In a mission to make our house feel like a home, I have been shopping and have an exciting Home Haul to show you..

home haul, dunelm, homesense

On my birthday a couple of weeks ago, myself and Mum went on a shopping spree to Dunelm and Homesense. I received money for my birthday and decided I wanted to buy some home accessories to make the house more cosy. As my birthday is only a couple of weeks after Christmas, I don’t really need or want much for myself and have been wanting to buy stuff for the house for a while but have never got round to it, or know what to get to be honest. Finding inspiration and different looks online has become a new hobby.

Quite often I like to browse Instagram and Pinterest for Home Inspiration and watch other videos doing a home Haul. I have recently got into more interior posts. Ranging from house renovations to adding a soft furnishings like a throw to the sofa. I love browsing other people’s pictures and getting ideas and thinking more out of the box.

We only brought our new corner sofa from DFS the beginning on January and love the comfort from all snuggling on the huge sofa. We only had our previous sofas a year, but we have struggled getting comfy and as they were two seaters, it was hard to get comfortable. The corner sofa now, is perfect for families. This is the small version but it is so huge and perfect for our needs. We wanted grey this time too, previously we had green. I had seen numerous pictures of grey, blush pink and copper together and adore these colours.

The sofa came with matching cushions, but I wanted to brighten the sofa up and make more feminine and add extra comfort. I opted for fluffy cushions and found the most amazing blush pink Mongolian wool large cushion in Homesense. Mum brought me this as an addition for my birthday present. I am obsessed with my cushion. It compliments the grey beautifully and is perfect for the large corner section and as duck feathers the cushion is extremely comfortable. I decided to order online at TK Maxx matching smaller cushions to spread along the sofa.

For the lounge I brought a collection of small items in a Home Haul, such as an artificial succulent which adds colour to the sideboard. Homesense is amazing for candles, they have such a large collection. I went for a Mountain Air candle in the sale when I went back again with Antony. The candle is a double wick, and grey colour wax with a copper lid. Perfect for the colours of the lounge. The fragrance is an aftershave type scent, not too overpowering but leaves the room delicately fragranced.

I recently uploaded my first Home Haul on my YouTube channel which you can see below the items I purchased in more detail. If you like my video then please subscribe, it would mean the world to me


I can’t believe how just a handful of decorative items added to a room can make the house feel so much more cosy. You know when you play The Sims and add extra decorations to their homes and it will lift their mood, I am feeling the same.

We were lucky when we move to our home in 2016, as our house was decorated in neutral colours and we have the perfect blank canvas. We are going to be decorating this year and I will document the changes. Long term we want to look at extending to make more room and possibly converting the garage.

For now though, having a Home Haul has been productive and certainly added a home feel to our house. Plus this has given me a new hobby going on the search for new items, prints, and frames.

Have you recently purchased anything for your home? Have you plans to decorate this year?



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