As a budding mini brick construction fan, Josie loves Lego. So for Josie’s birthday we purchased her Lego Dimensions

Lego is one of the timeless classics that has been around for many years and will be for more years to come. Josie will sit lovely and build Lego, she is very insistant to use the instructions for her master pieces. We have a mixture of Lego sets, ranging from Lego Friends, Jurassic World, Lego City and of course Disney.

Josie is also heavily into her technology. She loves her iPad and likes playing on her Lego apps. Recently has got into using the computer to write stories or make PowerPoint presentations. She likes also playing on the PlayStation. So what better present to get, Lego and Gaming…..Lego Dimensions.

Lego Dimensions starter packs come with Batman from DC Heroes, Wildstyle from Lego Movie and Gandalf from Lord of The Rings. We built all the pieces and the Toypad before playing, but as you get past the introduction and start helping your heroes you can actually build the Toypad portal as you play.

You can purchase additional packs to play with, and these come on a 3 level tier of activities and uses. At first I was annoyed as we started building these ready and there was instructions for the figures, but not the vehicles. Luckily I googled and found these and we carried on making them ready. But as you get playing, the game actually gets you to build these during the game with interactive instructions. This is probably due to most of the vehicles can transform into different types of cars etc.

Story Packs -Additional story sets to play

Level Packs -Misson based new game levels

Fun Packs -Expand your hero collection with new powers and abilities

Team Packs -Call your friends into the game when you need back up

The next problem we encountered, was trying to upload the recent packs we brought. Adventure Time Level Pack was not anywhere in the Vortex menu, after myself googling I realised we needed to update the game, after working out I can do this wirelessly we were on a roll. All of these little blips were not the games fault, but could maybe be more clear that you can build as you play.

Josie used to be into Disney Infinity but I found this a bit boring, she was happy with it but I like the fact you can do missions and the game is more challenging. Also unlike Disney Infinity when a new update is brought out, you don’t need another game and more figures that only work on that base. Lego Dimensions works by updates, so all of your pieces will work on the same game.

So far we have Adventure Time, Unikitty and The Simpsons. But Josie is asking for Christmas for Fantastic Beasts, Ghostbusters and Jurassic World Packs. She also has her eye on Gremlins, Powerpuff Girls and ET Fun Packs.  The other thing that Lego Dimensions impressed me on was the fact you can still have a fantastic gaming experiance without purchasing the extra packs. On level 2 of your mission you come across The Wizard of Oz, if you had the figures then you can control them but you can still easily play using the standard trio that came with the game. Only when you get to the Vortex stage you may want to buy extra backs to play.

This game was definitely worth the money, even better at the time we purchased this game it was half price. This is a must have for any Lego fan. I love the fact that Unikitty can enter the world of Lord of The Rings and help Homer Simpson. We had great fun playing this game, and looking forward to seeing what Santa may bring.

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