I was lucky enough to be asked to review a new treatment available at The Beauty Spot in Tetbury. An Ultimate A-Lift Facial

A-Lift Facial

The Beauty Spot is based in the beautiful Cotswolds, in Tetbury. Hayley opened The Beauty Spot in 2016 after previous years working in beauty salons and going mobile. The salon has a beautiful modern feel, but also relaxing. I love the salon isn’t clinically white and has lots of character. Hayley has done a tremendous job making the salon her own and adding her style. I used to work in the units where The Beauty Spot is based, we had both sides of the yard before moving to our current premises, the transformation from a cleanroom for medical devices to a stunning salon is amazing.

Going to The Beauty Spot, you are certainly in good hands. Hayley has a real passion for her trade and makes you feel at ease. Any questions you have, she can answer professionally but to a level that you understand. This made me feel at ease as I had never heard of the Ultimate A-Lift Facial before. I had seen mentions of nano currents and something about a peel and was a little nervous, in-fact the treatment is completely non-invasive and chemical free.

A-Lift Facial, The Beauty Spot Tetbury

The Beauty Spot offers two versions of this treatment. The first being the treatment I was asked to review;

ULTIMATE A-LIFT FACIAL (60 mins) Micro-current and nano-current results driven facial treatment, including supersonic peeling and a relaxing massage. Reduces lines and wrinkles, brightens complexion, strengthens skins natural collagen, increases cell renewal by 500% and lifts facial muscles.

EXPRESS A-LIFT FACIAL (30 mins) Mini treatment focusing on lymph drainage and cell regeneration. Improves appearance of lines and wrinkles. Perfect for people short on time.

I was pleased when Hayley asked me to review this treatment as recently I have been improving my self care. I have started a regime of looking after my skin and doing skincare routines morning and night, so this was excellent timing. Also to take the time out and have some ‘me time’ was much needed.

Any skin types can have this treatment, even sensitive skin You can’t however if you are pregnant, have a pacemaker or open wounds. The thing I loved about the treatment is the results are immediate, great if you are like me and love a visible change. With the Ultimate A-Lift Facial for longer lasting results a course of 10 treatments is advised. Hayley recently uploaded photos on The Beauty Spot’s Instagram page which shows her mum half way through the course and the changes are astounding.

The treatment includes supersonic peeling, this uses the supersonic sound-waves to exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin. Then comes the phases of the A-Lift Facial. Phase 1 is lymphatic drainage, to drain all those nasty toxins away. This sounds horrific, but honestly there is no pain at all.

Two phases of lifting using the micro current to tighten and firm the facial muscles. Before this a lovely cooling gel was applied which was certainly refreshing. Then there are two phases of cell regeneration. The cell regeneration re-charges the skin cells which accelerates cell metabolism and increases the production of collagen.

This has an immediate plumping effect on the skin. The treatment doesn’t end there, the end of the treatment is completed with a lovely relaxing massage.

I was a little nervous from originally not knowing much about the treatment, but honestly this was so relaxing. There was no pain or discomfort at all. I loved it so much I am booked in for next week for another express facial as I don’t need the lift part as such, so Hayley suggested the express one will be fine for my skin. I am so excited already.

I went back to work after my facial and everyone could notice a difference in my skin. I could even see a difference and certainly my skin felt absolutely awesome, and it did for quite a few days. I would throughly recommend this treatment and have been pretty much mentioning it to everyone I can, even the girl in The Body Shop at the weekend had the whole story of the amazing treatment.

To see the treatment in action, and my before and after footage, then please see the below video which I made for my channel…

I didn’t realise until researching the A-Lift Facial, how popular the A-Lift Facial is. Celebrities such as Ellie Goulding rave about this treatment and you can see why. It was surprisingly relaxing and the results were immediate which I loved. I probably wouldn’t have chose this treatment beforehand if I was to book some pamper time, but thats why I love having the chance to review as you try things you wouldn’t have before.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Hayley for asking me to do this review, I am now obsessed with this treatment and can’t wait for my next one.

I would love to know if you are thinking about having the treatment, or have you had it before?

* I was gifted this treatment from The Beauty Spot in exchange for my own views. All wording of the treatment and my views are honest and my own words.

It has been a couple of months since I took part in The Siblings Project, so here is The Siblings Project May.

Grab a cuppa and a biscuit to dunk at lets have a catch up….

Sibling Project May


This past couple of months has flew by, and both of my children have come on leaps and bounds. I have noticed changes in both, Rowan understandably more noticeable as he is now just over 2 and a half so every day is something new with him.

As a family we have been fairly busy, Antony done a super job updating the garden. We decided to get rid of the big play area that was here when we moved in. I could trust Josie outside but Rowan was an accident waiting to happen as the play slide was too big for him. Josie has fallen off the slide into the bak numerous times and both kids hurt themselves falling on the bark. Then add a puppy who wants to carry the bark and put all over the grass.

We decided to pull it all up and  gave the play area away to someone we know. Underneath the bark there was concrete, which Antony and his Dad have pulled all up. Antony used to do gardening in previous jobs which was handy at this precise moment and added the top soil then eventually due to weather got to lay the new turf The garden looks huge now and so much more room for the kids to play.

Next step is to paint the shed and fence and add some pinterest style touches to make it beautiful. I fancy grey fences, I have a thing for grey at the minute and in the garden it looks very effective. We had a lovely BBQ in the garden to christen the new area, which led to me getting stupidly burnt. We also have set up an area at the bottom of the garden for a vegetable patch. We enjoyed growing these last years and Josie loved picking the food and cooking, which Rowan will love this year too.

Sibling Project May


Josie is still growing at a rapid rate, she is over my shoulder now. She has being doing well at school and we have her class service this week which we are looking forward to watching. I noticed last weekend when filming a ‘Day In The Life’ which you can see here, how much more grown up she is looking. I can’t believe how quick time has gone as she will be 9 in a few months. We have booked to take her to Harry Potter for a birthday treat in Watford which she is super excited about.

Josie has really got into reading recently and has been reading a book a week. She loves the Tom Gates books and her most recent read was Family, Friends and Furry Creatures. The books are brilliantly designed and lots of doodles and hand lettering, which has made Josie starting to do her own lettering designs.

Sibling Project May


Rowan is getting such a funny character, unfortunately not many people get to see this as he is still not a social butterfly. Nursery mentioned he doesn’t speak much there, Josie was the same she was more comfortable around people they know well. Here however he is saying full on sentences now.  Every morning he will tell me what the weather is and he is becoming obsessed with Fireman Sam. We have took him to a couple of theatre shows which he loved, so far he has seen Milkshake Live and Teletubbies.

For a treat near his birthday we are planning on going to the Emergency Services show near us as he loves anything with a siren on. He will love getting to sit in a fire engine especially. He goes so excited when he sees a fire extinguisher, he did however have a stress moment when we lit the BBQ and was calling for Sam and got his little fire engine out.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful
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I absolutely adore hand lettering and quotes, and was over the moon when Old English Company contacted myself to review their excellent range. See what I chose and my thoughts of the products…

Old English Simply Stacey

Old English Company got in touch with myself and asked if I would like to review their products, and this by far is one of my favourite reviews to have took part in.

You may have seen on my channel that we have been trying to make our house more like a home. We were lucky to have moved in to a blank canvas and can take our time to decorate, but in the meantime I have become obsessed by buying plants and succulents, plus wanting prints dotted around. I could never decide on what prints and constantly look on Instagram for inspiration.

I decided to order something I wouldn’t normally and go for mainly prints. There is some fabulous choices to choose from and I really struggled whittling this down to three. I decided on a quote for downstairs or in our bedroom which was ‘Amazing Things Will Happen’ I also chose a matching mug which you will certainly be seeing on my Instagram. The simplicity of the design drew me to the items I chose, the only trouble I had was whittling my choice down from the large range available.

I also decided to order a print each for both of the kids rooms. We are looking at decorating which was planned the end of March, but due to the lovely weather and us all getting every bug going we just haven’t had a chance. We have decided to do this when the weather gets nicer and we can leave windows open to eliminate fumes.

I chose for Rowan ‘Enjoy The Little Things’ mainly due to the kids growing so fast. Next year I am going to have to apply for primary school for Rowan and secondary school for Josie, it goes by so quick and you really do need to remember to live by this quote. You don’t need to be doing extravagant things all the time, especially if like us with finance being a problem, some of the most special memories are doing something little and basic and even staying in at home just spending quality time together.

Josie-Ann chose her own print, which she actually surprised me with the choice. I absolutely adore her choice and I was so glad I let her decide by herself. Josie has always had issues with confidence and since moving schools she is like a different child. Her confidence is booming and she is becoming a lovely young lady, well once you take the normal argument of hair brushing and time for bed out of the equation. I think we all could do with being a little bit more fierce in life.

I ordered frames as soon as I had placed my order. I am impatient and knew I would have to get these up straight away mainly due to the sheer excitement of these arriving. They came extremely well packaged and excellent quality logo self seal bags. The mug was well packaged and all arrived in great condition.

The items are high quality and I totally think these are worth the money. I will be certainly be ordering some more prints for the home. I also have my eye on some tops from their sister site Letter Clothing Company. I also like that all products are made in the UK. I had a bad experience with seller for an item I purchased at Christmas, but how efficient and helpful the people behind the Old English Company have been have restored my faith using different companies other than the big brands.

There is a choice of 3 sizes: 8×10″, A4 and A5. There are also some options of different styles of the same print, plus some you can add personalisation. I am going to look at getting Rowan the alphabet print which you can highlight a pacific letter and underneath it states ‘R is for Rowan’

I am currently on a self care journey and finding quotes more meaningful, so having statements in the rooms that stand out really makes such a difference. I decided on putting my quite in the kitchen where I have found a free little corner that is perfect. You can see it from the sofa and when in the kitchen and this really stands out when you walk past. I nearly went for in our bedroom as I have a little workspace there too, but have decided I will order a different quote for the bedroom, possibly sleep related. Then possibly a A5 print for my work area. I also have started putting quotes around my desk at work and again these would be perfect.

Josie wanted hers up before we decorate so we chose her favourite spot in her room, which is above her bed. She loves her favourite toys all around her bed and her happy dreams bunting we made. Rowans I done again on a small piece of wall, normally I wouldn’t have added much on small walls but since looking for inspiration this has encouraged me to make use of these small spaces, which makes it look stunning as they really do stand out.

One of the items that surprised me and that is huge in the blogging community was Old English Co also do cute enamel pins and patches. Most bloggers I know are pin collectors and will love the enamel pin display which is also for sale on the website.

On the website for Old English Company you can get so much more beautiful hand lettered items, not just prints. There is a large option of goods to order, such as planners, pillows, homewares, cards, stationery and many more. I really recommend you check them out, also go and have a look at their Instagram page.  These items also make excellent gifts which I have compiled a list of ideas for presents I need.

I loved the prints I received, and they really do look stunning in their chosen places. With the simplicity of the designs I chose, they look great in any design room.

Have you ordered prints before, or has this inspired you to purchase your own ones? I was amazed how much in a frame a print can change the look of an area.

*Items was sent from Old English Co. in exchange for my opinion. All words are honest and my own.










I was literally ecstatic at keeping up with blogging and vlogging from the start of this year, then I have disappeared for the most month. This is what has happened…

So well Simply Stacey anxiety

So you may have remembered the point of my rebrand the beginning of the year, I was ashamed of my blog beforehand and rarely blogged. Then really got into my blogging since rebranding to this blog, not only successfully blogging twice a week I also started a YouTube Channel and uploading twice a week. Then came March, which simply was a blur, I don’t know where March went.

It started I had upped my working days to having just one day off, this meant my blog routine would have to change as I didn’t want to spend each week on my day off doing blog/vlog prep as this is my time with just Rowan. Before I even had the chance to start planning a new routine I started struggling in the evenings with exhaustion and headaches starting. I talked myself that this was due to time of month, but this carried on. My anxiety started kicking in again with was making me panic and procrastinate. Work wise I am extremely busy at the moment, it will be worth it in the end from having the chance to implement a system designed by myself and will be rewarding to know I can do this when this is implemented, but currently it is also extremely hectic.

Then also having germs lingering most weekends with one of us, Rowan with chickenpox it felt like we were housebound. I got to the point of trying to juggle being a working mummy, the house and being a mummy and felt completely exhausted. I felt so deflated that I had missed a few of my routine planned days, which I was really hard on myself at the time.

Then in March I had to go away for 2 nights on a course and thats when it all came to a head. Beforehand I could feel my anxiety kicking in, worrying over the smallest things about going away. But at the time these seemed enormous to me. I was already out of my comfort zone as I dread the courses I need to attend. I panic when put on the spot, and each course I feel I am always picked on to answer most questions. I must have one of those faces or radiate my fear and self doubt. Actually the course was good and the people had been the nicest people on any course I have attended so far. But that night I started one of my headaches. The only way I can describe this is pain from thinking. As soon as I concentrate I can’t think, I can’t organise or plan and being the person I am and normally in control, this was making me worse. The headache that night turned into the most awful migrane, to the point I was being sick and had to phone reception for tablets as I forgot mine.

I managed to get through the next days course with keeping tablets topped up, but again the pain started. This is how I could not even contemplate turning the laptop on and blogging. I couldn’t even face looking at my phone at night from the pain of concentrating. With all of this going on I realised how much I had put on myself and was physically exhausted.

I decided to go to the doctors about the headaches as also was having minimal sleep and up most nights, in the meantime before my appointment my ears started playing up and both went blocked. I always have had trouble with my lugholes and when this happens I get them syringed and all is good with the world again. This time one wouldn’t clear, this has never happened. The nurse said to leave it a week and see and keep adding oil. I tried the opticians as my eye test was due and all was ok, my eyes have got slightly worse but nothing out of the ordinary.

By the time my doctors appointment came I was in awful pain with my head, sickness and kept going extremely dizzy.  After 3 appointments in a week, it turns out I had labyrinthitis which also started vertigo. So I was put on anti sickness tablets, which helped slightly and was told about exercises to relieve the symptoms. I was given tablets for the headaches as this was shown as separate from being on the anti sickness tablets. The anxiety made it all worse from being unable to be in control and think. The tablets I have at night as they knock me out and they have really helped. When I forgot one at night, i couldn’t sleep and the pain started. I am also awaiting a head scan to check everything is ok.

So that is where I have been, obviously I started taking new blog photos again and planned this post and Rowan is coming out in a cold and I have a sore throat starting, so you can see what I am putting up with. Always something going on. I am able to think now though which is helping and still having off days but hoping they can unblock this ear next week as tinnitus has started now, then I should be back to myself.

simply stacey

 One thing this past month has brought me is a mini self care journey. I have made the time to do hobbies I enjoy and take some much needed time out. I have also got back into watching vlogs and channels. One in particular which is tanks to my bestie Estelle who brought me ‘Vlog Like A Boss’ for my birthday, which is an awesome book and I highly recommend it if you are thinking of starting a channel.

Anyhow I started watching Amy (the author) on YouTube and I have literally binge watched most of her channel. I love the help tips of time management, self care and recommendations which has led me on to listen to the audiobook 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins which has really helped with anxiety. I have really found Amy’s channel helpful and started me on a self care journey which has made a massive difference on my outlook. I have really eased up on myself of trying to be everywhere at once and be more organised and not so hard on myself.

I now have a goal list of inspirational people and speakers I wish to read and watch, as these videos for me have really motivated me. I feel already more in control again and glad the anxiety didn’t have a massive effect and I was able to slow it down in it’s tracks. I am good at knowing when it is kicking in and can normally sort this, very rarely it has left me how it had this time. I am now able to concentrate more now which again has made a difference as even thinking about what to do for dinner, what time I needed to be somewhere was hurting my head.

So hopefully I am back, I am going to try and freestyle days again but aim to do a minimum of a blog and a vlog a week, then if more then thats a bonus. If that doesn’t work then I will see when I come to that bridge. I want to say thankyou to everyone that has messaged me to see if I am ok, it has meant alot. I think mainly my batteries ran out and I got poorly, but I am currently recharging and am on my way back up.
















One of my goals for this year is to make more me time, this is one thing I very rarely do. I really need to make the time for self care…

Me time, take time for yourself

Taking time for myself is always something I want to do, but either after a busy day I am too tired or I don’t have time. I always put others first, epescially the kids needs and often neglect taking some much needed time for myself.

I have lots of hobbies such as photography, drawing, colouring, handlettering to name a few but I always put these on the back burner and often forget to take time out. Having me time doesn’t just have to be doing hobbies, there is many ways such as having a pamper, read a book, just sit and listen to an album. What ever way you find comfort in relaxing and having a moment to yourself, most of us don’t take the time to do this.

I recently took half an hour to do some colouring, which I haven’t done for a long time and it made me so relaxed. I love anything with art and I really need to make more time for this. I am debating trying to take time a couple of evenings a week, take the time away from blogging as my routine means the posts are always completed. For me having routines works much easier. So to make the time of having an evening free could be slotted in.

Colouring, Johanna bashford, me time

There are many ways to take some me time and to relax. As I mentioned before, you may have your hobbies. You may like art like me, or you may be a bookworm or budding Lego enthusiast. If you are like me and need to take some me time then try a challenge for a month of once a week taking some time out.

Some ways of having me time could be:

  • Bubble Bath
  • Painting
  • Reading
  • Gaming
  • Writing
  • Pampering
  • Baking
  • Drawing
  • Shopping
  • Photography
  • Reading
  • Binge Watching
  • Sleeping

You don’t have to just take time to complete hobbies if taking me time. You may not even have a hobby. There are other ways to have a relaxing moment, such as going for a coffee. I went through a stage of making sure I went to costa an evening a week. I would do blog work while there which I find relaxing, but I wanted to try and get out of the house and be me. Normally I am either at home with the kids or at work, so having a moment away with no little children or husband and having a peaceful vanilla latte made such an impact. I haven’t done this for a while and must start this again.

Also last year I braved the fear of going to the cinema on my own. Antony is not keen on films and we don’t ask people to babysit often so I decided to go on my own one night and after the initial anxiety panic kicked in I was ok. Taking this time to myself pushed me out of my comfort zone but at the same time I was glad I done this. I find being a mummy I tend to feel naked with no child with me and use them as a barrier in a way to make myself more comfortable, so even going for a costa on my own is a big thing for me.

There are numerous ways to make some me time and looking after your self care. The biggest challenge is taking the time, and not pushing this aside as everyone needs a few minutes to themselves. Even if this is 10 minutes in your lunch break or booking a day off to yourself, make sure you take the time for self care and put yourself first. Not doing this is going to make you feel pushed and you can burn yourself out. Taking the chance to ensure you have me time helps you be productive and gives you a breather.

What are your tips for ensuring you look after your self care? Have you any favourite me time activites?



Linking up with Dear Beautiful, welcome to this months Siblings Project

Siblings Project, dear beautiful, SimplyStacey


Considering how long January dragged on, February has zoomed by so quickly. We are already at the end of half term and back to school next week. This month we have not done anything exciting due to weather and having a poorly Rowan. I wanted to do this months Siblings Project out and about but this was not possible due to Rowan having chicken pox, so luckily I had some nice photos from a mini photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.


Josie has been on half term and since we were stuck in she has had the chance to play at home, which I think she has enjoyed. We are so busy and after school clubs means most of the time Josie doesn’t get to chill and play much so this has been a nice change. My proud moment this month was the hard work she put into creating a Harry Potter PowerPoint Presentation. I had to work from home one of the days during half term so whilst working she sat next to me watching Harry Potter and doing a presentation on my laptop.



Rowan has not had a good month, he got struck down with chickenpox. Josie was never that bad with them, but poor Rowan was covered and poorly with them. He wasn’t sleeping, which we are not used too as we have always been lucky with both kids sleeping patterns. The spots started Sunday/Monday and it wasn’t until the Saturday that he was feeling like playing and organising his toys again. My proud moment with Rowan is definitely his speech, he is saying full sentences now.

We have signs of colds, but after the chickenpox we can certainly deal with those germs. Hopefully Spring weather will start kicking in soon. I am fed up of the cold, wet weather. At the end of the month we are planning on deciding how to decorate the kids rooms and making a start on updating the garden. We also want to try and have a nice family day out somewhere some point, as we haven’t had the chance since before Christmas.

Yes we have been stuck in the bulk of half term, but you don’t have to go out each time. The kids love time at home and they had great fun for hours getting the play dough out (mummy didn’t as soon as colours started getting mixed) and playing games. Sometimes these are indeed the best days, spending quality time together.

How was your half term?



The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful



Hands down my favourite Social Media App has to be Instagram, but why am I having a love/hate relationship with it?

Instagram algorithm love hate marmite

Most bloggers you speak to about Instagram, will all agree the main problem is the change of algorithm. This has caused many pictures in your grid to go missed on others feed, and I certainly have noticed the struggle to get views.

As a blogger/vlogger any way of reaching out to potential viewers is a must, and increasing your numbers to branch out to new followers is all part of reaching out and promoting your content. With most of my social channels, I have a steady following and find these slowly increase over time. Instagram however changes with the weather regarding followers.

Arguably there are ways of increasing your following, such as paid promotions. These have caused more views, but not a large amount follower wise. Other way is the popular trend of a perfect looking Instragram feed, I love the look of these, and admire the time it must take to achieve the pictures for the desired theme. For me personally, it would mean I would end up leaving out pictures that I originally want to add, just to achieve a themed feed. I have decided this is not the way at this current moment that I want to run my grid.

Instagram blog blogger


The part of Instagram that annoys me and really leaves myself deflated is, one second I will go on and I can have fifteen extra followers, go on again and twenty less. The drastic rollercoaster of followers is so noticeable every time I log on. Majority of the follows seems more for numbers, which undoubtably what we all would like. Out of all the available media’s I personally find Instagram is extremely fickle, the amount of followers that unfollow if I won’t follow them is unreal. The same time you want to support everyone, but same time I would miss my favourite Instagrammers posts on my feed.

I am trying not to check this as much as I was becoming obsessed checking. I try to limit this to once a week, when I write down my stats. I did have an app which shows you who has followed and unfollowed and this is where I could see the people who was after numbers solely. I had to delete the app, as again this became an obsession.

I personally prefer organic views, people who want to see my feed and I can interact with. Everyone wants to increase their followings, but you don’t want this forced, You want followers that want to follow you for your content, not just follow you for their own benefit.



Not all changes over time on Instagram are negative. Hashtag Tracking is brilliant for following regular hashtags you may search. These will appear on your feed, for brands and shops this is ideal as you can follow your own hashtag and track.

Instagram Stories for me was one of the best updates, this has increased my confidence in front of the camera dramatically and along with inspiration from other vloggers this helped me start my YouTube channel last month. I have recently tried to be more creative with posts for my stories. Plus with the added Highlights, so you can save longer your favourite stories and group these. I have done covers for these to keep with my branding which you can see on my page.

I still need to experiment with the LIVE function. I haven’t really found the need for this, but I may try and add this in soon. Maybe for when brainstorming and looking for ideas. Or coming up with questions for a Q&A. Again another function is you can split screen and have other people join you so I am planning a live session and linking with my Blog Network co-founder Estelle.

Instagram blog SimplyStacey

I do hope one day I get to the 10,000 mainly so I can put a ‘swipe up’ link on a story. I am not holding my breath on anytime soon. Plus knowing my luck, you can guarantee when I eventually get to 9999 that Instagram will change it’s rules, or I will lose drastic amounts from the rollercoaster effect.

I have tried so many tips on improving your Instagram game, from number of hashtags, to style of pictures. For now I am just going to not stress about what I should post and post pictures I like. Some tips give them their dues do work, for example:

  • Add locations where available as you reach a wider audience
  • Search hashtags before and look for the ones more beneficial to your photo
  • Add hashtags in your story can boost views
  • Upload regularly, I notice my most views are in the evening
  • Spend time interacting, not only you will find great new feeds but you are helping others

Trying to be like everyone else just gets you lost in the feed. My mission is to keep my page as my style, mix of lifestyle, family and the odd instagram favourite of a pretty mug with the stragically placed biscuits and flowers distorted in the distance.

Looking on, I will still use the app. No matter how much the bots following and numbers annoy me, I won’t stop using the site as this is one of my favourites. Instagram is the first and last app I will use in a day. I love checking stories and catching up with everyone. Overall the algorithm is here, it is happening and there isn’t much we can do to change it. Yeah this sucks, but don’t let it stop you creating your Instagram how you want your profile to look.

I am contemplating on being more creative, I love watching clips on Instagram, along with looking at everyone’s photos. I want to start trying to do these once a week, a short video of an event, or something we have been up too. If you are thinking of starting a YouTube channel but are nervous or not sure of editing, Instagram clips such as this or doing more Instastories will certainly improve your confidence.

How do you find Instragram? Do you have a love and hate relationship with the site?



I have seem some great posts also on the subject of Instagram, check them out below:

Once Upon A Blog



This is my first ever time joining up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat on the weekly linky Little Loves. Read about needing more ‘Me Time’ and going on another cinema trip

LittleLoves, Little Loves, cinema

I have been wanting to join this linky for a while but have not got round to it, until now. I don’t know if i can join every week but I certainly want to try and join a couple of times a month. Also not just on my blog, but maybe to do the odd upload to my channel too.

The other linkies I join are more photo based, which I also enjoy. Little Loves is particularly great as I have found this has inspired mini goals for myself. I want to try and recreate more outfit posts and one of the subjects is ‘wore’ which has spurred me to take more photos.

Make sure you take a look at the webpage for Little Loves as you can do this linky in so many formats and meanings. With ‘read’ you don’t have to show the latest book you are reading, you can also share a favourite blog post as an example. You can be as creative as you wish.

So here is my first ever #LittleLoves …..


I really want to try and read more and am currently failing miserably in my Good Reads 2018 Challenge. I downloaded on my iBooks after Christmas ‘Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine’ by Gail Honeymoon and did start this (a whole 4 pages) but just have not picked this up again, or any book. I have an awful habit of going on my phone before bed, one mini goal is to read this before the end of the month.

Eleanor Oilphant, Gail Honeyman, LittleLoves


Again I have not been binging on any shows. Last show was Stranger Things which I loved. I made the most of a night on my own the other week and instead of doing blog work I had some time out and watched The Hunger Games. I really need to take more time out and look at self care for myself sometimes. I am constantly on the go all the time. I also have been watching, which if you follow me then you will know I am obsessed with The Greatest Showman. I went to the cinema last week with Antony and Josie to see it again (number 6), I still love it as much as when I first watched the film. Even Antony has been twice now, which he doesn’t even like films.


You can guess what soundtrack I have been listening too, yes ‘The Greatest Showman’ I absolutely love it. I did try making a new Spotify playlist for a change for the commute home and found some songs I forgot I like. One of my favourites at the moment is ‘Beautiful Trauma’ sung by the talented P!nk.


You can catch on my channel my IKEA Haul from our trip last week (which the Day In The Life is being uploaded Sunday) and I made a new side table. I made one and Antony made another. Normally I find IKEA really easy to build and can make a Kallax unit with out looking at instructions as we have them in most of the rooms at home, but these were certainly challenging. I love one of the tables especially, which is actually a stool. The table matches the lounge perfectly.

ikea, littleloves


I don’t have the most exciting wardrobe and am an offender of rotating the same outfits. I want to try and be more creative with fashion and style. For now I was happy I found in the back of my wardrobe a star jumper from H&M  which I forgot I had in in this cold weather it was most welcome to keep me warm and toasty.



I have managed to be super productive and plan most of February. I am super proud of myself for keeping up with my blogging and channel uploads even with Rowan bad with chickenpox. He has managed to miss this quite a few times from nursery, but the spots started Monday morning coming out and the poor little mite is covered and really struggling. Even though it is awful to see him like this, I am glad like with Josie he has this now and to get this out of the way.

I hope you have enjoyed my first #LittleLoves and let me know you you are planning on joining this linky, or do you join other ones? Have you been to the cinema recently?



Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat









A month on from the launch of my YouTube channel, can I now class myself as a vlogger?

vlogger, youtuber, mummyvlog. vlog

During my time blogging, I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel. I have never had the confidence before now to achieve this. As I have mentioned before, since my rebrand I have really upped my blogging game. I have even stuck to my blogging planned days uploads for over a month now. The difference this has made to my traffic and interaction has been awesome and has made the hard work worthwhile.

Blogging and my channel are both my hobbies that I do in my own time, while working and being a mummy. I am managing to slot this in to my hectic lifestyle. Mind you I have half term coming up and Rowan has broke out in chickenpox so this will be a test. Bloggers put so much time into planning, writing posts, photography, scheduling and social media. I thought this was an immense amount of work until I also started running a YouTube channel alongside.

When planning content for my channel, and hours of research. I call this research (really was watching my favourite vloggers) I started deciding how I wanted to create my own style and videos. I love the ‘Day In The Life’ vlogs and decided from the start I wouldn’t be good enough or have the confidence for this. I decided on my first vlog would be ‘Get To Know Me’ this seemed a good place to start. After my first take of constantly going ‘ummmm’, my second take I started getting used to just chatting away. I decided to upload and hope for the best. I was overcome from the amount of positive message that appeared in my inbox.

This gave me the push to do a haul, this would be my first one of its kind. This time I found it so much easier, and even enjoyed chatting away to my camera lens. Soon I decided to attempt a ‘Day In The Life’. This was such hard work, but totally amazing and I had a blast making this. After editing I was so damn proud of myself. My vlogs may not be the best, but I am really happy with the content so far, and love looking over them and noticing moments I have filmed that have been special.

I will never watch another vlogger now without thinking about the hard work that has gone in to making the 20 minute insight into their life video. From moving the tripod to film different angles, editing to create a seamless short story of your day, the short clips to fill in gaps in your vlog, choosing the correct music. There is so much detail in some of the vlogs I watch and I have tried to recreate this in my own style.

Of course you can do a simple vlog, even just sit there and chat away. The main point is wether you are posting a new blog post or uploading a new video to your channel…do what you love. Don’t worry about trying to please everyone, you can’t please everyone. I have seen so many bloggers this last month state they wish to start a channel but lack in confidence….my answer is go for it, the more you do the more confident you become and it really is so much fun. You get to be creative and plan how to stage your video. I still pick problems with my videos, I worry how I look, how I sound, the fact instead of saying ‘ummmm’ I keep saying ‘so’, but I am highly critical of myself. Infact after a month of vlogging I am getting less picky about my vlogs and actually feeling proud of them. After editing and adding music, the transformation from a bunch of small clips to a substantial good quality vlog is extremely rewarding.

I am no expert in anyway and have completed my first month since launching and doing regular uploads twice a week. I just want those who think they can’t start a YouTube Channel but wish too, to push your limits and have a go. I have learnt so much in a month of starting  my vlog. I am so glad I have pushed myself to start vlogging and really wish I done this earlier. After my first month I am now happy to call myself a vlogger.

You can check my channel here

Have you got a YouTube Channel for me to check out? Do you want to launch your own?



We are finally at the end of January, which means it is time for our first post for Dear Beautiful family photo project…Me and Mine Project

Me and Mine Project

We enjoyed taking part in The Sibling Project and have been looking forward to The Me and Mine Project as we had to try and get a family photo, rather then just the kids together.

As I mentioned in my previous Sibling Project post, these challenges are fantastic for you t o make the effort to get a photo. Wether you go out for the day or even take a selfie at home, getting a family photo to cherish is great. You don’t always have the time or think of taking a group photo. But these challenges make you do this.

We tried a picture at home, but Rowan was having none of this, so we went off for a wander round Lydiard Park. We took the scooters which I was also filming for a Day In The Life vlog post. Rowan is normally always in his buggy but he absolutely loved having the freedom on his 3 wheels.

Typically the weather turned whilst we was there and rain came. We only stayed for about an hour but had some chores at home to complete. We are going to do this again soon, and when the weather is nicer we will take a picnic and make a day of it. Normally we would take Bibi, but she has just started her first season and is not very happy about this, so she stayed at home in the warm for this adventure.

January has been a blur, the comedown from Christmas and getting back into routine has been tricky. Also with my birthday in the middle, we have been extremely busy. You can see what we have been up to in my latest upload Snapshots and Scenes above.


Josie has really changed in the last month and we have noticed her grow up dramatically. She has started taking a lot more responsibility and we have been getting great feedback from school about her behaviour. Last week she even received an award from her headteacher for doing work without being asked.


Rowan has also changed, he has really come on leaps and bounds speaking. He absolutely loved making our first Day in The Life vlog. Rowan has learnt to put his photo in the post box when leaving nursery and is still as OCD about tidying as ever. He has suddenly gone into the toddler phrase, and I am missing a baby around now. We won’t be having anymore though which I have been trying to come to the fact of this and how fast time flies way too fast.

I am looking forward to February and taking part in Me and Mine Project. We also have half term fun in the middle of February. We haven’t many plans for February apart from planning for the end of the month to start on decorating the children’s bedrooms. We have been luckily since moving end of 2016, that we had a blank canvas and Josie room is pink, so both bedrooms have been fine for the kids, but we really want to get these sorted for them over the next couple of months.


The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

In a mission to make our house feel like a home, I have been shopping and have an exciting Home Haul to show you..

home haul, dunelm, homesense

On my birthday a couple of weeks ago, myself and Mum went on a shopping spree to Dunelm and Homesense. I received money for my birthday and decided I wanted to buy some home accessories to make the house more cosy. As my birthday is only a couple of weeks after Christmas, I don’t really need or want much for myself and have been wanting to buy stuff for the house for a while but have never got round to it, or know what to get to be honest. Finding inspiration and different looks online has become a new hobby.

Quite often I like to browse Instagram and Pinterest for Home Inspiration and watch other videos doing a home Haul. I have recently got into more interior posts. Ranging from house renovations to adding a soft furnishings like a throw to the sofa. I love browsing other people’s pictures and getting ideas and thinking more out of the box.

We only brought our new corner sofa from DFS the beginning on January and love the comfort from all snuggling on the huge sofa. We only had our previous sofas a year, but we have struggled getting comfy and as they were two seaters, it was hard to get comfortable. The corner sofa now, is perfect for families. This is the small version but it is so huge and perfect for our needs. We wanted grey this time too, previously we had green. I had seen numerous pictures of grey, blush pink and copper together and adore these colours.

The sofa came with matching cushions, but I wanted to brighten the sofa up and make more feminine and add extra comfort. I opted for fluffy cushions and found the most amazing blush pink Mongolian wool large cushion in Homesense. Mum brought me this as an addition for my birthday present. I am obsessed with my cushion. It compliments the grey beautifully and is perfect for the large corner section and as duck feathers the cushion is extremely comfortable. I decided to order online at TK Maxx matching smaller cushions to spread along the sofa.

For the lounge I brought a collection of small items in a Home Haul, such as an artificial succulent which adds colour to the sideboard. Homesense is amazing for candles, they have such a large collection. I went for a Mountain Air candle in the sale when I went back again with Antony. The candle is a double wick, and grey colour wax with a copper lid. Perfect for the colours of the lounge. The fragrance is an aftershave type scent, not too overpowering but leaves the room delicately fragranced.

I recently uploaded my first Home Haul on my YouTube channel which you can see below the items I purchased in more detail. If you like my video then please subscribe, it would mean the world to me


I can’t believe how just a handful of decorative items added to a room can make the house feel so much more cosy. You know when you play The Sims and add extra decorations to their homes and it will lift their mood, I am feeling the same.

We were lucky when we move to our home in 2016, as our house was decorated in neutral colours and we have the perfect blank canvas. We are going to be decorating this year and I will document the changes. Long term we want to look at extending to make more room and possibly converting the garage.

For now though, having a Home Haul has been productive and certainly added a home feel to our house. Plus this has given me a new hobby going on the search for new items, prints, and frames.

Have you recently purchased anything for your home? Have you plans to decorate this year?



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