The Start Of My Vlogging Journey | Am I Now A Vlogger?

A month on from the launch of my YouTube channel, can I now class myself as a vlogger?

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During my time blogging, I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel. I have never had the confidence before now to achieve this. As I have mentioned before, since my rebrand I have really upped my blogging game. I have even stuck to my blogging planned days uploads for over a month now. The difference this has made to my traffic and interaction has been awesome and has made the hard work worthwhile.

Blogging and my channel are both my hobbies that I do in my own time, while working and being a mummy. I am managing to slot this in to my hectic lifestyle. Mind you I have half term coming up and Rowan has broke out in chickenpox so this will be a test. Bloggers put so much time into planning, writing posts, photography, scheduling and social media. I thought this was an immense amount of work until I also started running a YouTube channel alongside.

When planning content for my channel, and hours of research. I call this research (really was watching my favourite vloggers) I started deciding how I wanted to create my own style and videos. I love the ‘Day In The Life’ vlogs and decided from the start I wouldn’t be good enough or have the confidence for this. I decided on my first vlog would be ‘Get To Know Me’ this seemed a good place to start. After my first take of constantly going ‘ummmm’, my second take I started getting used to just chatting away. I decided to upload and hope for the best. I was overcome from the amount of positive message that appeared in my inbox.

This gave me the push to do a haul, this would be my first one of its kind. This time I found it so much easier, and even enjoyed chatting away to my camera lens. Soon I decided to attempt a ‘Day In The Life’. This was such hard work, but totally amazing and I had a blast making this. After editing I was so damn proud of myself. My vlogs may not be the best, but I am really happy with the content so far, and love looking over them and noticing moments I have filmed that have been special.

I will never watch another vlogger now without thinking about the hard work that has gone in to making the 20 minute insight into their life video. From moving the tripod to film different angles, editing to create a seamless short story of your day, the short clips to fill in gaps in your vlog, choosing the correct music. There is so much detail in some of the vlogs I watch and I have tried to recreate this in my own style.

Of course you can do a simple vlog, even just sit there and chat away. The main point is wether you are posting a new blog post or uploading a new video to your channel…do what you love. Don’t worry about trying to please everyone, you can’t please everyone. I have seen so many bloggers this last month state they wish to start a channel but lack in confidence….my answer is go for it, the more you do the more confident you become and it really is so much fun. You get to be creative and plan how to stage your video. I still pick problems with my videos, I worry how I look, how I sound, the fact instead of saying ‘ummmm’ I keep saying ‘so’, but I am highly critical of myself. Infact after a month of vlogging I am getting less picky about my vlogs and actually feeling proud of them. After editing and adding music, the transformation from a bunch of small clips to a substantial good quality vlog is extremely rewarding.

I am no expert in anyway and have completed my first month since launching and doing regular uploads twice a week. I just want those who think they can’t start a YouTube Channel but wish too, to push your limits and have a go. I have learnt so much in a month of starting¬† my vlog. I am so glad I have pushed myself to start vlogging and really wish I done this earlier. After my first month I am now happy to call myself a vlogger.

You can check my channel here

Have you got a YouTube Channel for me to check out? Do you want to launch your own?



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