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Back in 1997…. the classic film The Full Monty soon become one of the most popular film releases of that year. The thongs are back out from the closet, and The Full Monty cast and crew are back for a pants dropping UK Tour.

The Full Monty Live UK Tour 2018

The tour is currently at The Wyvern Theatre, Swindon from Monday 29th October – Saturday 3rd November. I was invited to the Press Night to review the performance, which was a sell out and packed to the rafters. The Full Monty Tour is winner of Best Touring Production Theatre Award.


The Full Monty UK Tour is based on the 90’s film and was wrote by Simon Beaufoy and directed by Rupert Hill. I did wonder how the film would be portrayed on the stage for a theatrical performance, I have been to musicals mainly in the past that had minimal staging to incorporate scene changes, but throughout the play the scene changes and set design had been carefully thought out and designed. The staging couldn’t have worked any better and helped the show come alive.

The all-star casting is impressive, and superbly cast for each character…..

Gary Lucy (Gaz) | Gary’s professional credits are impressive and main ones you may have seen him in is Hollyoaks, Footballers Wives, Eastenders and The Bill to name a few. Gary played the main lovable cocky character who is trying to earn some cash to keep seeing his son, brilliantly. The character originally played by Robert Carlyle in the movie, was brought to life by Gary. Being a super talented actor really helped go from funny to serious scenes and the performance was well acted throughout.

Andrew Dunn (Gerald) | Credits include Dinner Ladies, Coronation Street, Dalziel and Pascoe. I actually preferred the way Andrew played the part. I found the character was more amusing than in the film and I actually preferred the way this came across in the theatre production.

Louis Emerick (Horse) | I was trying to find the picture of this but couldn’t. I met Louis years and years ago (I was still at School) at a LFC Football Game. Louis is well known from his Brookside days and more recently Coronation Street. Again another well played character and blimey Louis has some moves on his scene of auditioning to join the lads.

Joe Gill (Lomper) | Best known for playing Finn Barton in Emmerdale, who I adored and was gutted he was killed off. I didn’t recognise him when I first seen the production was coming to Swindon, but when I found out it was Joe, I was excited to see how he would portray the part and Joe did not disappoint. There was one serious scene when you first meet the character that shocked me, but was amazingly well done and really showed the extent of making the production come alive.

Kai Owen (Dave) | I loved how Kai made the character as lovable and funny as the original character from the film. The bromance chemistry between Dave and Gaz was believable and both Gary and Kai really made the characters work together well. TV credits include Waterloo Road, Torchwood and Hollyoaks.

James Redmond (Guy) | You may recognise James from Holby City, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and another Hollyoaks cast member. James reminded me of his Hollyoaks character and was another well played performance. When Guy shows his talents, I was crying. Either was a stage mishap or it was meant to happen but either way this part was absolutely brilliant just before the interval.

Fraser Kelly (Nathan) | I love the fact that Fraser’s character seemed more involved than in the film version. Fraser was on the original UK Tour in 2014 and is back this year. Fraser gave a faultless performance as the character Nathan, and again the scenes with the rest of the cast was well acted.

Even though the theatre production of The Full Monty is only based on the film, the cast all made the character their own. Each cast member and scene did remind me of the film (which I totally feel I need to watch again), one brilliant scene was the waiting in line at the job club and dancing when the music came on. You knew as soon as you spotted the line what was coming and the laughs soon started from the uncontrollable dance moves to the groove. The attention to detail was brilliant too, from black and white TV’s, records and even a Natwest piggybank (I had some of these in my childhood days). These details really make you feel back to that era.


Then was the moment everyone was waiting for! As watching you were wanting the group of friends to pull of a performance of a lifetime (as well as their clothes). I loved the staging just before the performance which was superbly well thought of. When the main performance scene came, it was made that you are the audience and really worked well with the whole feel of the show.

I wont lie….I was wolf whistling, and mum was clapping away to the well know track awaiting for the hats not to be left on. I can confirm they DID the Full Monty! The final performance was the perfect end to the production. Just as Gerald’s problem in the show….there was a standing ovation and everyone was cheering.

The show is on tour for the rest of 2018 and part of 2019, so there are plenty of dates to choose from…..dates can be found Wyvern Theatre. Hats off for all of the cast, the whole production was bloody hilarious and is well worth a watch.

Also incase you were wondering, I did not see any knickers thrown, apart from the thongs off the lads 🙂

*** Press pass tickets was provided in return of my review. All wording is my own words and completely honest.

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