Siblings Project May 2018

It has been a couple of months since I took part in The Siblings Project, so here is The Siblings Project May.

Grab a cuppa and a biscuit to dunk at lets have a catch up….

Sibling Project May


This past couple of months has flew by, and both of my children have come on leaps and bounds. I have noticed changes in both, Rowan understandably more noticeable as he is now just over 2 and a half so every day is something new with him.

As a family we have been fairly busy, Antony done a super job updating the garden. We decided to get rid of the big play area that was here when we moved in. I could trust Josie outside but Rowan was an accident waiting to happen as the play slide was too big for him. Josie has fallen off the slide into the bak numerous times and both kids hurt themselves falling on the bark. Then add a puppy who wants to carry the bark and put all over the grass.

We decided to pull it all up and  gave the play area away to someone we know. Underneath the bark there was concrete, which Antony and his Dad have pulled all up. Antony used to do gardening in previous jobs which was handy at this precise moment and added the top soil then eventually due to weather got to lay the new turf The garden looks huge now and so much more room for the kids to play.

Next step is to paint the shed and fence and add some pinterest style touches to make it beautiful. I fancy grey fences, I have a thing for grey at the minute and in the garden it looks very effective. We had a lovely BBQ in the garden to christen the new area, which led to me getting stupidly burnt. We also have set up an area at the bottom of the garden for a vegetable patch. We enjoyed growing these last years and Josie loved picking the food and cooking, which Rowan will love this year too.

Sibling Project May


Josie is still growing at a rapid rate, she is over my shoulder now. She has being doing well at school and we have her class service this week which we are looking forward to watching. I noticed last weekend when filming a ‘Day In The Life’ which you can see here, how much more grown up she is looking. I can’t believe how quick time has gone as she will be 9 in a few months. We have booked to take her to Harry Potter for a birthday treat in Watford which she is super excited about.

Josie has really got into reading recently and has been reading a book a week. She loves the Tom Gates books and her most recent read was Family, Friends and Furry Creatures. The books are brilliantly designed and lots of doodles and hand lettering, which has made Josie starting to do her own lettering designs.

Sibling Project May


Rowan is getting such a funny character, unfortunately not many people get to see this as he is still not a social butterfly. Nursery mentioned he doesn’t speak much there, Josie was the same she was more comfortable around people they know well. Here however he is saying full on sentences now.  Every morning he will tell me what the weather is and he is becoming obsessed with Fireman Sam. We have took him to a couple of theatre shows which he loved, so far he has seen Milkshake Live and Teletubbies.

For a treat near his birthday we are planning on going to the Emergency Services show near us as he loves anything with a siren on. He will love getting to sit in a fire engine especially. He goes so excited when he sees a fire extinguisher, he did however have a stress moment when we lit the BBQ and was calling for Sam and got his little fire engine out.

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