The Play That Goes Wrong 2018 Tour Review

The theatre production of The Play That Goes Wrong is guaranteed to give you plenty of full on, laugh out loud moments

Play That Goes Wrong


Currently the production of The Play That Goes Wrong is on UK Tour and I was lucky enough to go along to the press night at our local theatre at The Wyvern in Swindon. The play is on in Swindon from Monday 11th June – Saturday 16th June and was sold out on the opening night that we attended.

The show is a Mischief Theatre production and is currently also showing in London at The Duchess Theatre, the play is in it’s 4th year of production. For a full listing of further shows of the UK Tour please see here.

The show has won an Olivier Award and Whats On Stage Award for Best New Comedy and if you are lucky enough to go and see the production, you can see why the show has won these prestigious awards.

The show is a play within a play, a show produced by the fictional Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society. Straight away during everyone seating the cast was involving the audience, looking for a missing dog and Trevor the Lights and Sounds Technician had lost his Duran Duran CD Box Set. This was amusing to watch when new audience members was turning up and hadn’t a clue what the cast was coming up to ask them. They even got one man on stage before the show started to help hold up parts of the staging which looked like it had been built by my DIY-shy husband.

You get the feeling of a show on show immediately as Trevor starts talking on his ear piece for everyone to take places, then the director of the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society appears to explain about failed past productions such as Snow White and The Tall Broad Gentleman. This nationwide production of The Murder at Haversham Manor is set out to be one of their most successful productions, or that is what they are hoping as long as nothing goes wrong….which you know by the title this won’t be the case.

The Murder at Haversham¬†Manor is a live Cluedo style story crossed with Faulty Towers style humour, set in the 1920’s. Charles Haversham the owner of Haversham Manor is murdered at his engagement party, and then comes the story of who murdered Charles, along with a series of unfortunate moments which brings the humour and laughter rolling in at every available moment.

Straight from the word go, the mishaps start appearing and each one getting more funnier as the show goes on. The way the cast perform the mistakes is nothing short of hilarious and the acting was so well thought out and you really get the feeling you are watching a small dramatic society play that is going horribly wrong.

Everyone wants their moment to shine but fate is not going the way they had planned. One hilarious actor was Bobby Hirston who plays Max Bennett who was playing Cecil Haversham, during the performance he kept smiling and bowing to the audience as though this is his first ever show and the fact he was immensely proud of himself and found himself funny in the process.

The show was so sleek from one hilarious moment to the next. Each funny line or action seamlessly ran into the next punchline. I am a silent laugher, I very rarely laugh out loud. I of course find things funny and the show completely kept me amused at all times, even to the fact moments made me proper laugh out loud at moments, I even was crying with laughter a few times.

The set design was also well designed and all of the set worked well with the show, and again thought of extremely well to make use of every space on the stage. The stage and set also helps to aid to the experience of the failing performance of the aspiring amateur dramatic performers.

All of the actors involved in The Play That Goes Wrong¬† acted and played their parts superbly. You really get to know their own characters, who are playing characters for the production. Another favourite of mine was Kazeem Tosin Amore who played Robert acting as Thomas Colleymore, in the second half there is a tummy aching, getting a stitch as you laugh at the mishap himself and the director of the production get into with the set. I won’t give anything away, but this was one of my favourite scenes.

Play Goes Wrong

As with when I publish product reviews and trying a new product fo the first time, this play and experience has left us wanting to see more shows that we wouldn’t have thought of normally. We tend to go to the pantomime each year and shows for the kids, but we haven’t made an evening of it and go to watch a show together which is something we want to try and do more.

Myself and my husband Antony thoroughly enjoyed laughing our way through the catastrophic production so much, that we booked tickets to take Josie to go and watch as this is suitable for all ages from 8+, I know she will find this extremely funny.

Overall I didn’t expect to enjoy The Play That goes Wrong as much as I did and I would urge you to make sure you catch this show in a town near you. I can’t imagine anyone would not find this hilarious, and would not enjoy the production. Everything has been completely well rehearsed and thought out to bring a flawless performance, each joke runs straight into another one. One thing I admired was, the show also wasn’t predictable. Yes you know something is going to go wrong on more than one occasion, that is most certain just from the title. But the majority of the gags and mishaps I wasn’t expecting and this really does keep the audience glued to the performance.

I certainly would give the show 5 stars. The amount of passion the actors and actresses put into the performance really shines and this concludes to an excellent viewing experience for the audience. I challenge you to go and see the show and not laugh within the first 5 minutes of the curtain opening.

Have you been to see The Play That Goes Wrong? I would love to know your thoughts and comments of your experiance of watching the show.








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