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Last year I became completely overwhelmed and stressed with work so for 2020, I made a resolution to take time out for myself and this has made an extraordinary difference in how calmer I feel which leads myself to be more productive. I look forward to that time for myself and more importantly I have learnt not feel guilty for it. One way of my favourite ways to relax is to play on my new Nintendo Switch Lite, resurfacing my inner geek and love for gaming.

Nintendo Switch Lite Review Simply Stacey

I have been making sure to find the times for things I enjoy, embracing in a self care journey. I have always enjoyed gaming and playing The Sims but as this is installed on my computer in my home office, I wouldn’t always play on an evening. We have a PS4 but being a family of four, trying to find a free slot to play, also my inner introvert prefers playing without everyone putting their two pennies in.

In January I decided after my birthday to treat myself to a portable console. Undecided on the Nintendo Switch and the Switch Lite I began investigating the pros and cons. I decided price wise for the Switch Lite, the addition of the bigger screen would have been great with the Nintendo Switch and sometimes I do wish I had waited and saved more but overall I am happy with my choice. To be honest I have only wished for a bigger screen a few times, the rest of the time I would have been playing on the portable version anyhow.

I had the guilt talk about should I, will I go on it, could I be doing more important things with my time. Then I remembered my resolution and on impulse ordered one on the way home from work and picked up the console straight away. I haven’t looked back since. I have found my lost love of gaming and have really been enjoying playing on my Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite Review Simply Stacey

The console design reminds me of the Sony PSP, which I had a pink console years ago and enjoyed playing on until it got stolen. I was shocked how clear the graphics are compared to the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo Switch Lite console is extremely lightweight and apart from my first two evenings playing resulting with my hands in claw positions, I am finding absolutely no discomfort playing.

If you have a Nintendo DS you would love the upgrade to the Nintendo Switch. The games can be high, especially on new releases but having the Switch Lite for over a month I have spotted online sales and deals on the eStore available on the device. Also I have been keeping an eye on second hand games, it has been hard to spot them at a bargain though. 

One great addition I didn’t realise and only found by accident, is at times you can use a touchscreen which is much easier when typing in details. There are also a great range of accessories available. I have brought a travel case which doubles up to store the tiny miniature games. Being obsessed with charging everything, I also brought a charging docking station. This was mainly to keep the Switch Lite safe when charging in my bust family home. 

There is a huge choice of games for all various types of gamers. I have the longest Wishlist for when Antony wants to surprise me. The newest additions to the wish list is Animal Crossing New Horizons which comes out this month (I know this is my mothers day treat) which I am looking forward to binging on. Also I like the look of the new release of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon which came out this month.

A few other games form my Wish List are:

* Bendy and the Ink Machine
* Zelda Links Awakening
* Hello Neighbour
* Yoshi Crafted World
* Super Mario Odyssey
* Pokemon Sword and Shield
* Hollow Knight

Nintendo Switch Lite Review Simply Stacey
Nintendo Switch Lite Review Simply Stacey Luigi's Mansion 3 MAR 10

My Top 6 Nintendo Switch Lite Games


I have found a new love of Pokemon since playing this game on the Switch Lite. Recently I conducted a poll on Instagram and the majority of people recommended the Pokemon Lets Go games. I decided to go for the Eevee version, you can also get a Pikachu version. Honestly the graphics are unreal. I am now wanting the new release of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Sword and Shield which are being added to my wish list. Since mine and the kids new found admiration of the world of Pokemon, we have been watching Detective Pikachu (it is brilliant and stars Ryan Reynolds so what is there not to love) and going on Pokemon Hunts with the app which you can link with the Switch Lite.


This is currently my new favourite game on the Nintendo Switch Lite. I loved it so much I have even got it for the PS4. I adored the retro classic Theme Hospital and this was the first game I have been so excited about and purchased first thing on the release date. I love the similarity with Theme Hospital but adore the updated quality and gameplay. I am still a pain for restarting the levels, I don’t know why I do this but my perfectionism creeps in for the need of designing the perfect hospital. One tip I learnt online is to have 2 screens in your ward and also invest in a coffee machine for the rooms, this has been a game changer (you can thank me in the comments).


I am really enjoying playing Little Nightmares on the Switch Lite, but I wish I had got this on the PS4 to fully take in the brilliant graphics and gameplay. Unlike Two Point Hospital on both consoles I am not going to get this on both at the moment, only as it has take me ages to get to where I am on the Switch Lite and it is not as easy as dipping into as Two Point Hospital is. I am still really enjoying playing and it really makes you think logically. I tend to have a break when I am stuck on the game, and this is the only one I have sworn at so far. Really looking forward to Little Nightmares 2, but I might get that on PS4.


I love the Adventure Time TV Show and playing Card Wars with Josie. Lumpy Space Princess is my spirit animal. I have got a different version of the game for the PS4 which is Finn and Jake Investigates which is another good game. I love the characters and the gameplay of the game on the Switch Lite. I am only a couple of levels in, but am currently really enjoying playing Adventure Time.


This game was also recommended from my Instagram Poll for Nintendo Switch Lite games. I downloaded this one to my console and it is a lovely easy game to play. I like this one on a Sunday evening as find the game really calming. I may also look at Harvest Moon some point, but for now I am enjoying playing Stardew Valley and growing my crops.


We already own this on the PS4 but I really love the Lego franchise games. Do not be mistaken thinking these are children’s games, they are much harder than they look. Since the Switch is portable and this means I can play in peace, I wanted a Lego game to play on the Switch Lite, it was out of this or Harry Potter. Jurassic Park won as it was on sale at the time I purchased the game.

Nintendo Switch Lite Review Simply Stacey Two Point Hospital

Overall I am really enjoying my Switch Lite and have even been making the time and playing on the PS4 more since purchasing the console. I am pleased I chose the Lite version, it would have been nice the main version but funds would only stretch to the Lite and I have no regrets. Some point I may look at the main version for the kids as both love gaming, but for myself I am extremely happy with my choice of the Switch Lite.

I will go on the Switch Lite roughly 3-4 times a week. I do have to be strict with myself that I don’t go on just before bed as I like my evening routine to get myself ready for bed, rather than being frustrated on the latest level on Luigi’s Mansion. Also I won’t go on if spare time in the mornings, that is my productive time which I will focus on my life admin tasks. I also have resisted to taking the console to work to play on my lunch break, mainly due to having a break from screens (I might cave in some point on this one).

An added bonus has been finding new things myself and the kids have enjoyed, such as Pokemon. This has also made me more open for trying different games. Plus playing more has improved my gameplay and strategy thinking, I even came 3rd on Fortnite and this never happens, still might have been a fluke but I do feel playing more has made me think more strategically.

The main reasoning of purchasing the Nintendo Switch was to take time for me, and this has immensely improved my self care. I don’t think of tasks and work when I am playing, I can get lost in the latest game and shut off and this has been the most refreshing part of my experience treating myself to the Nintendo Switch Lite console.

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  • Eleanor March 10, 2020 at 9:03 pm

    You listed some great games here! Two Point Hospital is an obsession of mine at the moment ♡ I hope you get to play Pokemon Sword/Shield soon. It’s so much fun!

    • Stacey Spruels March 10, 2020 at 10:01 pm

      Thanks lovely. Was watching you play it on Twitch and it looked brilliant. Oh my days Two Point Hospital is great isn’t it x

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