Clementoni Trolls Puzzle Review

Clementoni kindly send Josie-Ann a Trolls Puzzle to review, not just any puzzle either! A velvet jigsaw puzzle!

Clementoni Trolls Puzzle

If you have not seen one of last years top films Trolls by Dreamworks…..then you must add this to your list to watch.

When Josie-Ann started asking to see it I was going to send the husband, as wasn’t keen they didn’t look like the trolls I remember from childhood days. But to my amazement, I loved it! It is one of my favourite children films, and the DVD is already pre-ordered. The film is so colourful, and glittery and happy!

Trolls goodies was also brought by Santa at Christmas, and yet again Clementoni have supplied us with another cracker of a product. Josie was over the moon when seen she was sent a Trolls Puzzle.

The puzzle contains 60 pieces. The velvet is on Poppy’s hair and the pink flower border. Josie was excited when found these pieces and Poppy was the first character to be placed together.

The puzzle is Age 5+, which Josie is 7 years old. Josie still had to think doing the puzzle and this took her about 15 minutes, so she is not to old for the age range. She can manage a harder one, but will get frustrated if too hard and likes the fact she can finish it. This is  perfect as when on a working day, we don’t have much time in-between dinner and bed so a puzzle like this kept her busy and calm. The other bonus was she can manage this herself with no help, so wasn’t getting bored and has made this a few times since the review.

The finished velvet Trolls Puzzle is beautifully illustrated and colourful, just like the film. Josie was excited as the puzzle contained all of Josie-Ann’s favourite characters. I asked Josie-Ann for her thoughts; ‘I enjoyed the puzzle and it is beautiful and lovely. I was glad I can make it with no help ‘. This was a thumbs up from us.



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