Charming Candle Co -Product Review

What’s better than chilling, with a candle on the go. The room filling with the candle fragrance as the wick burns away. Well what about if the candle also contained a secret item of jewellery. Welcome to my review of The Charming Candle Co

Charming Candle Co

The Charming Candle Co. kindly sent me one of their Luxury Jewellery Candles, with Fresh Linen fragrance. I love the beautiful delicate illustrations decorating the glass. If you used to love the days of a surprise toy in your cereal box, then you will certainly love these candles. The foil wrapped jewellery item is located roughly between quarter to half way down the candle, this will be 10-15 hours. So as you burn the candle, taking in the fresh fragrance, after a couple if days you get your surprise item.

Jewellery Candle

The Charming Candle Co was founded by Kathryn who is a self confessed candle addict. All the candles are made in their worksop in Surrey. Each candle is hand poured in the workshop. From seeing the candle, you can tell these candles are high quality.

I have had a similar candle before but from a different company and had so many issues and awful customer service, , but the customer service was so much better with The Charming Candle Co, even down to the candle and jewellery, I was impressed with the quality of all components.

When I reached my surprise gift, I was delighted I received a beautiful bow ring. I love bows, and even have a bow tattoo behind my ear. So this was a great surprise. You can even get charm gifts as well as rings. The ring is beautiful, I was really impressed with the quality. Next I have my eye on their Pina Colada Candle.

 Charming Candle

These candles are perfect for giving yourself a treat. Or excellent as a gift for a special someone or friend. Have you tried jewellery candles before? What would you like to find buried in your candle?


    • Stacey Spruels
      June 7, 2017 / 12:25 pm

      They are lovely, is like a posh kinder egg but no calories LOL! Much better quality than others I have seen xxx

  1. July 15, 2017 / 9:51 pm

    This candle looks super pretty 🙂 I’m lovin’ the design on the candle holder, and how cute that there’s a piece of jewellery inside! I love that idea 🙂 I’m definitely going to check out what other fragrances they do x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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