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I recently got approached to review some products from the Frezyderm Range. Frezyderm is a Greek based company who manufacture dermatological products for the whole family. All products conform to pharmaceutical standards. I was sent Hydra Milk and Sun Lotion to try.


As the sun has finally made an appearance, we got to try Frezyderm SPF50 Sun Lotion. The lotion is water resistant and perfume, colour and parabens free. The push down nozzle ensures easiness of application of the lotion. I was so impressed of how easy this product was to apply, the product rubs in to the skin and unlike most sun lotions, the product doesn’t leave the skin greasy. Normally I hate sun cream, as it leaves the kids all sticky and everything sticks to their little bodies. But this lotion was amazing, no blades of grass or fluff were stuck to them. We used this on one of the hottest days of the year so far and the kids were fully protected playing in the garden.


The second product we tried was Frezyderm Baby Hydra Milk. The product is Soft Hydrating Emulsion with N.M.F, Wheat Proteins and Chamomile to protect from dryness and irritations. Rowan had dry skin, this Hydra Milk instantly made his skin soft and velvety. I love how well the milk rubs into the skin, leaving it non greasy. Most creams make Rowan feel oily. But Hydra Milk rubbed in, and left his skin soft on first use and lasted all day.

We also have had issues with Josie having random allergy spots. This has only started the past month or so and looks like chicken pox on her torso. First they thought was bites, but on the second lot arriving the doctors think may be a skin condition with her hair follicles. Either way she can have up to 30 spots a time and finds them incredibly itchy. I tried Frezyderm Baby Hydra Milk as noticed the product contains chamomile, and knew this helps with chickenpox. I tried the cream and Josie didn’t itch anywhere near as much, and they went down visibly quicker than normal.


I was so honestly impressed with the products, that I would certainly purchase more. I have noted other products in the children’s range that I will be getting. First Aid Butter which is a soothing cream for bumps and bruises. I know Josie will love this when bumps herself as she can be mildly dramatic. Also I want to try the Liquid Baby Talc, as normal talc is a complete pain. The products I would say are mid range to high in price, but after using both, I would pay this. You also get a decent amount in each bottle. The Sun Lotion was 150ml and the Hydra Milk was 200ml. Frezyderm don’t just product dermatological products for children and babies, they also produce a range for adults.

Make sure you check the Frezyderm website.

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  1. May 27, 2017 / 7:23 pm

    Firstly – gorgeous photos!

    I always hate when a sun lotion is sticky or greasy so these sound ideal! I tried one from boots that helped you too tan whilst protecting you from the sun!!
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