Funko Friday -Snowball

Apart from Christmas, one of my favourite annual events is Easter. Not just because of chocolate (though this may be a large reason) but also the weather is nicer, events start popping up, and oh my days…lambing season! To celebrate Easter, this weeks Funko Friday is Snowball the rabbit from Secret Life of Pets


Yes I know,  Snowball the evil cute looking bunny rabbit is far from an Easter Bunny, but you can see where i was going with this one. Plus gave me a reason to purchase Mini Eggs, so please don’t judge me 🙂 Snowball is a smaller than average size Pop Vinyl, which is like his character in the film.

We actually have 2 of these, as I forgot in my mass of xmas shopping that I had already brought it for Josie. Never mind, he is happy sitting with my Pop Vinyls on the window ledge in the kitchen with my own collection.


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