World Stationery Day

Guess what today is? ……. World Stationery Day! This whole week is also National Stationery Week


I absolutely love stationery. I always have done from an early age. From pens, art supplies, notebooks and novelty erasers…I am a self confessed Stationery Geek.

I was over the moon this morning when Josie-Ann announced they are allowed to take pencil cases to school. I can recall most of the pencil cases I had when I was at school. One of my faves being the W H Smith Times Table pencil case, containing a tablet eraser, Parker fountain pen, Pilot pink fountain pen and folding ruler. There was nothing better than end of summer holidays grabbing a new pencil case. And times haven’t changed, I carry a pencil case in my bag to and from work along with a task book.

I have an extensive stationery collection, all stored in an Ikea unit on wheels for ease of use. Josie-Ann is getting into drawing and stationery hoarding and is always eyeing up my supplies.

Some of my collection:

The Happy Planner -My planner is my bible! I love being organised and my planner is the only way for me to nail being a working mummy. For my birthday I got lots of extras for my planner. Some of my favourites are the sticker sets. Adding a cute sticker makes the days look brighter.

Callipgraphy Pen -Last year, myself and mum went on a Modern Calligraphy course (you can see here). I loved this and would like to do another. I have hand lettering books and do some on my iPad. But nothing beats a proper calligraphy pen and dipping the nib in the ink.

Colouring Pens -I love my Copics and Promarkers. More recent my lovely mum brought me a set of Chameleon Pens which are awesome. I am still trying to get used to these. You can see pictures of my first attempt on my Instagram. I have found a fantastic sketchbook for these pens, as they will go through normal paper. I purchased a Rendr No Show Thru Sketchbook for colouring with all of these pens. I also have found some artist colouring books, which are on card instead of paper. I will be featuring these soon on my blog.

Sketchbooks -You can never have too many notebooks and sketchbooks. I love a new book. I also have got into adult colouring books. My favourites being Johanna Bashford and my newest addition; Colour Me Inspired. For sketching, I have a few different style of books. My favourite is my Midori MD Sketchbook. The paper is delicate, but lovely to draw on as so smooth. I also love Earthbound books as when using my Polychromo Colouring Pencils, they  show up beautifully and vibrant. I have recently purchased Dot Paper to try hand lettering.

Pens -I have so many pens. Pretty ones from Paperchase, I do also like my normal BIC ones. I have fine tip coloured pens for my Planner. This helps me see at a glance what is happening, by which colour writing I have used. Jelly Pens are brilliant, you must get some if you haven’t tried them before. For colouring they add little details, the white is fab for adding highlighter or glitter effect. I love using them on black paper. They really stand out on dark card. I have found the proper Jelly pens are the best to use and more vibrant.

I don’t only keep my stationery hoarding at home. As I have my own office at work, I also branch out there. My most recent purchase was my Unicorn Wall Planner and Task Book. I love my  task book and carry this back and forth. This way, if I think of a new job or task, I can quickly add this to my list. I do feel I need some pastel highlighters next for my office.


I tend to order online most of my stationery, as there is such a vast collection of cute items I need. This is much easier to browse whole collections. I love Hey Little Magpie for planner accessories, and Ohh Deer is one of my new favourites for notebooks. Also make sure you check Etsy out for stationery, there are some real gems on there.

I am sure there is plenty more fellow stationery geeks out there. What is some of your favourite items?



  1. April 26, 2017 / 4:52 pm

    I’m such a stationary addict too! When I was at school I even used to have different pens for specific subjects lol!

    • Stacey Spruels
      April 26, 2017 / 5:15 pm

      I am with you on that one 🙂 xxx

  2. May 2, 2017 / 8:51 pm

    Ahh, it’s so beautiful! I’m kinda sad I didn’t even know this was a day (though marking it on my calendar for next year!) I have a serious pen and notebook problem, it’s probably boardline unhealthy at this point haha.
    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on some Chameleon Pens, how do you like them so far?

    • Stacey Spruels
      May 2, 2017 / 9:44 pm

      There is nothing wrong with a good unhealthy obsession with pens and notebooks, you never know when need one so having too many is only a good thing. The Chameleon pens are great. Take so,e getting used too, found is in the timing of putting the pen on the blender as this draws colour out of nib to have the effects. I heard they send free sets to try, not sure if this is true though. Worth asking xxx

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