Reward Stars

Are your little angels being a little terrors? Try some good old bribing with these Reward Stars…

Reward Stars


Any parent knows, one of the main parenting tips for your little kiddiwinks is to learn the art of bribery. This does not in anyway make you a bad parent, having to bribe your kids to be delightful little angels. This makes you 100% normal. Wether getting dressed, tidying their room, eating dinner….there is many a times you will use the bribing technique.

Different ways could be taking something away if they don’t do what you have asked. Cancelling days out, or no treats. But one easy way is using the bribe as a reward. Make your little terrors into little stars.

Kids are like magpies for sparkly treats. So what better way than Reward Stars. I originally got the idea from Instagram. I spotted a wooden reward jar, with a perspex front. Then when their child was good, they got rewarded with bright acrylic stars. I loved this idea and instantly shared this round friends. Finding the wooden version for £10 on eBay, and P&P on top. I decided to make my own Reward Jars. A friend of mine and fellow blogger, has made some for her children too. I like the idea of the jars mainly as, when they are naughty I can take one away (I am a nice Mummy really, but needs must). The wooden version looked like you needed to tip the stars out, cue meltdown as more than one fell out!

Reward Jars

For my jars, I got these at my local B&M Stores. Bargain at £1 each! I must admit anything and everything is going in little jars now I have found these. I brought 2 originally as one for both children. Even though this is mainly for Josie who is 7 going on 16, I need to be fair and Rowan has his own one. He is very quick picking things up, so think I am sure he will get the idea of rewards pretty quick.

I brought another jar, solely for my reward stars when in limbo. I ordered mirrored acrylic stars as I can double these up as blog props. I need some more I feel, as brought 40 off an eBay shop and they look pretty pathetic in a small jar. I may get some rainbow stars too so the kids can have a choice which star they like.

Reward Stars

I then ordered, again off eBay some chalk signs. I have been putting these on all of my storage boxes, pen pot, jars. They are so pretty. As I don’t like chalk, I can’t stand touching it or the sound, I used a white marker pen to write names on, and applied the stickers.

Each week I am planning to count the stars and empty the jars, and if at the end of a week or month (still deciding) over a certain number together then they get a treat. Hopefully this will work, as Josie has been very excited to have the stars arrive.

You can of course do the normal reward charts, with stickers or wipe off versions. But i just felt these were pretty and more fun. The excitement of being good and putting a star in your jar is immense. Obviously in no doubt the great feeling of achievement will fade, and they will be back to being little monkeys. But here is to a few weeks of good old fashioned bribing with Reward Stars.

Of course, you don’t have to just use these for bribing children. Why not have your own reward jar? You can use for dieting, have a star every half a stone. Or if achieving a task or goal, give yourself a shiny star and get yourself a treat when get to the desired number.

Have you a Reward Chart or something similar?

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