June Catch Up

June in 3 words …… Heatwave, Hayfever, Hectic


Welcome to my monthly catch up. Yes I know it is a few days late, but as one of my 3 words to sum up June ‘HECTIC’ -well this is why. You often see I am a busy working mummy. This has been to the extreme this month, not helping from the fact I wasn’t well for 2 weeks of it. I had a nasty Sinus Infection which led into an irritating bad cough, which surprisingly left me with a sprained boob! You did read that last sentance right, I sprained my boob. Oh my days the pain was immense. Only way I can describe it is similar to when your breasts gorge when stopping the process of breast feeding crossed with putting my lady lumps in a hot flower press. The only way I could cough and choke was to hold on to my boob. So with all that and a 2 day course, I have been super busy. Literally have had minimal time for anything. I even debated closing my blog due to time being spent, but I am going to carry on as I really do love blogging. Plus this gives me a break from working.

Another of my words to some up June ‘HAYFEVER’ -While also being poorly with the Sinus Infection and sprained body parts, I have been suffering with hayfever. So have most the people I have come across. I have never known it this bad. The time this proper gets on my nerves is when my eyes start itching and swelling. This means I can’t wear my make up, which for me with my dark circles means the panda look. I now have some extra strong tablets so hopefully this will die down soon.

June has been so hot! Hence my last word ‘HEATWAVE’ -I like the sun, I like the heat. But I quite certainly extremely DO NOT LIKE heatwaves. I mean the heat was getting a bit annoying by the day before the heatwave. Kids were all sweaty and grumpy, saying that so was the husband. So when the heatwave day heat, I was done! Not as in done from cooking, as this could have actually happened. But done from being too hot. One of the days we even went out to Lydiard Park, even though suffering from hayfever for Ice Cream. Dont get me wrong, sun is nice for a change, but by the Wednesday I was counting down the days to winter. I even broke my rule of sleeping with the window open, much to my husbands delight.

June also brought my radical image change. I have been a brunette for years, but my gorgeous Mum brought me a voucher to have my hair done at Toni and Guy in Cirencester. After much deliberation, and with the fantastic colour expertise of Liam, we decided on pink hair with a stretch root. This way the upkeep would be minimal, compared to if I had it as a full head all over. I absolutely love my hair and haircut by Josh,  and am glad I had it done. I had a bit of a shock when first washed it, as I didn’t realise how much this would fade. But after reassurance from Liam, I need to have some more toners and hopefully the colour will start sticking.


pink hair dark roots

You may remember my workspace I made in my built in wardrobe, which you can see here. Well I have made another workspace. My one upstairs is my personal space and for when being creative. Also providing me space to store my belongings. As I work from home sometimes, or evenings I wanted a bigger desk. Also more of a family desk, so Josie can do homework etc. After Pinterest stalking more ideas, I came across a minimal looking desk with a brick wall effect. To recreate this, another Ikea trip was in order. The desks are quite cheap but also very sturdy. The desk we went for is actually an extended of my personal workspace desk. This one has a cupboard as well as draws. This is ideal for our Household Manual I keep, and other items such as chargers, notebooks and any work I bring home. Again like my popular flamingo wallpaper, the brick effect paper was from B&M, and only £8 a roll. My talented neighbour who is a DIY Superhero kindly put this up for us. I must say this desk has been a godsend, now i have stopped hitting my head on the stairs when I stand up.


For July, again it is looking extremely busy. We are also strictly budgeting as August with Summer Holidays, childcare and Josie’s birthday is actually more expensive than December for us. So lots of trips to the park or using our Season Passes for exciting days out and picnics. Now I am feeling better, I really need to stay on top and be productive as I can. Running a house, childrens hectic social calendars, being employee of the year is certainly exhausting, but to be honest I moan, but I wouldn’t change it.

How was your June?



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