Halloween 2017

Since living in our new house, we have embraced every special moment as a family. At the moment we are especially looking forward to Halloween, this is actually the first year we have properly celebrated the spooky spectacular event. Also as today is #NationalPumpkinDay, what a great day to spend carving a unicorn into a pumpkin…


Before living at the flat, we would do Easter Eggs and celebrate Christmas but room was always tight. Now we are in our lovely forever home, we have so much more room. Also we are in such a better place and much more happier as a family, we have made some really good friends since moving and the kids are much more happier with more space and everything close around us. But one event we never really celebrated was Halloween.

We would do the obligatory ‘Trick to Treat’ with the kids. Josie has always been a bit scared, But the thought of a sugar coma entices her to go knocking doors. Rowan even got into it last year dressed as Frankenstein and being transported on his bike. We would also have a pumpkin in the window but being on a first floor maisonette, you couldn’t really see our carved delight and we wouldn’t get any spooky visitors.


This year we have really started to go all out to celebrate Halloween. We are starting small but I am planning on collecting a few more additions each year to add to the collection. We have spider tinsel down the stars, bunting, cobwebs and plastic spiders round the lounge and window stickers. The kids have really enjoyed this, Rowan keeps pointing at the spiders.

Of course we also have pumpkins. My favourite are the Munchkin Mini Pumpkins, they are so damn cute. We have some for decoration, and the kids are going to paint the other mini ones. So far we have a medium size which is in the process of being painted with white and gold spots. I have carved a large one while no kids around, of course into a unicorn, which I was quite chuffed with.  I have seen so many variations of pumpkins this year, before I have never noticed how much Pumpkin and Halloween related goods are about, but I am fully embracing everything.


We have also been painting Halloween Rocks. We will be coating these in gloss and glitter Modge Podge to make them waterproof. The plan is to dot these outside with the pumpkin display, in the buildup to Halloween we have used them for decoration. We love painting stones, and will be doing this for Christmas too.

Hopefully we will also be able to participate in the bloggers favourite Instagram photo of ‘Pick Your Own Pumpkin’, I have seen so many fabulous photos of people choosing their own pumpkins. I can’t believe before this year I never knew about this. We are planning on more Pumpkins and Josie is going to carve her own. I have already requested to my own Mr Bloom, my husband Antony that I am in dire need for him to grow me an array of pumpkins and squashes for next year.

We also want to make pictures using half apples for pumpkin like paint printing and then drawing scary faces. Next year I am going to up my Pinterest game and plan ahead more things to make with the kids. This celebration has been great as also we have had Half Term. We also have been feasting on Halloween style films, watching Hocus Pocus, Frankenweenie, Monster House and are planning on watching one of my faves…The Book of Life. This Halloween has been like a mini Christmas warm up.

We are planning on trick or treating round our road this year with our neighbours, which we are really looking forward too. Josie is going to be a skeleton bride and Rowan is going to be a skeleton. I must also say how much I am loving the Autumn feels, walking in the leaves, cosy nights with candles and hot chocolate. I have really been at my happiest this past couple of months. Also with Christmas on the way makes it ever more special.

Have you been looking forward to Halloween? What is your plans for the event?




  1. November 23, 2017 / 4:57 pm

    I absolutely love your Halloween painted rocks! They look so adorable and awesome 🙂 I really want to have a go at painting some rocks myself! Your unicorn pumpkin looks fabulous, I can never seem to carve cool pictures like that into my own haha. I love those little munchkin pumpkins too!! I’ve wanted to go to a pumpkin patch & pick my own pumpkin for so so long… maybe next year will be the year! Great post lovely 🙂 I miss Halloween so much already! – Sarah x

    • Stacey Spruels
      November 23, 2017 / 5:01 pm

      You should is such fun, always varnish with modge podge after too, I have gloss and a glitter one obviously lol. I need to go and stock up on more, going to do some xmas ones. Is fab to have a Pinterest binge on too for ideas. Thankyou for reading xxx

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