Christmas 2017 Wishlist

Christmas is rapidly approaching, and the time of year the panic present buying commences. With this is mind I have decided on my personal Christmas 2017 Wishlist

Christmas 2017

Currently I am still planning the kids presents. This is the first year I have not been organised but finally we have sorted a list for Santa. It has been harder this year with Josie mainly as she is 8 years old now and getting to the inbetween age for presents.  Rowan has been easier as 2 years old and is such a little boy so tractors and cars is the way to go. Plus this year is the first time ever we are hosting Christmas which I am super looking forward too.

Antony and myself had arranged a budget for Christmas as we prefer to spoil the kids, so the objects I would love for Christmas is way more of a Wishlist. I also have my birthday in January but funds are always tight as after Christmas.

So to my Christmas Wishlist 2017 ……

Canon G7X Camera

I have upped my blogging game, since doing my rebrand I have had my buzz back and have had some really great blogging opportunities come my way. I want to get into vlogging plus taking better photos and this is the camera of dreams. I know this won’t be in my stocking or hidden in Antony’s bedside draw on my birthday but I am on a mission to save up for this. Mum has kindly has kindly let me borrow her camera, but I would love my own and something I can save towards.


This is from Letterwrites and has become very popular on Instagram. They are lovely for having quotes around the home, or leaving a message for a loved one. I love seeing them in layflat photography posts. I would love the grey one, or the pink. I would like this square size, this is perfect for what I want to use this for.

Blog Planner

Other than my annual Pete Wicks calendar that I expect to be under the tree, I NEED this! Yes I have had planners of all sorts but this is genius. I like the style pictured where this is not only a diary, but also blog planner. This is exactly what I need for my blog planning, plus is so beautifully done by Dot Creates. I love most of this new find, also the desk planners and quote pictures are totally to my taste. If Christmas wasn’t round the corner I would have brought this already and started using it, so I am showing excellent self control here with those who know how impatient I am.

Hopper Pop Vinyl

No secret….Josie and I love our Pop Vinyls, and recently watched both series of Stranger Things. I liked most of the characters but loved Hopper, especially in the second series.

Yankee Candle

I recently have got into candles, enjoying a beautiful scent burning away and calm effect of the flickering flame. Being a middle aged mum, this is now my thing. One of my favourites ever is Yankee Midsummer Night. The smell is just like Lynx. The scent is quite over powering, but then I like the fact you can smell the fragrance, rather than being too delicate that you can’t notice. I have progressed to diffusers now, we have 3 various fragrances dotted around.

Selfie Light

My house is dark in the spots for potential vlogging areas at the times I need it to be light. I have a selfie light for my phone and the difference is excellent. This again is more of a purchase if I win on a scratch card type of buy, but a Wishlist is totally for items you wish for aren’t they. This light can be used with phone or camera and the effects using one make such a difference.

Joanie Jumper

My Big Apple jumper from Joanie is one of the comfiest jumpers I possess. When I seen this jumper recently I knew this was going straight on my Christmas list. Perfect for a cozy night with some lounge bottoms on, candles flickering, hair in space buns and cracking on with an awesome blog post.

Sims 4

This is another one I was going to ask for last year but didn’t. I love playing The Sims. I am slightly OCD with my house building, but it is such a great game where you don’t have to concentrate. I currently have the collection of Sims 2 from the Mac Store, which you don’t realise how old it looks until spot screenshots of this edition.

So this is my very unlikely to get much of this Christmas 2017 Wishlist, but I can always save and get later on. To be honest I love gifting presents, I love seeing everyone’s faces when opening their gifts. Especially this children.

Have you planned your Christmas buying? Have you got anything you hope Santa will leave under your tree?

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  1. Laura
    November 23, 2017 / 10:02 pm

    At first glance, I honestly thought this was a kids wish list 😂

    • Stacey Spruels
      November 23, 2017 / 10:04 pm

      I would be surprised a kid wanting a camera and selfie light lol… mind you kids nowadays like their gadgets 😏

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