Blogging Tips

I have compiled a list of some Blogging Tips that I have learnt along the way on my blogging journey. I am no expert in anyway, but hopefully some of these may be of help for your own blog…

Blogging Tips


Depending on your Blogging Type, whether your a Parent, Lifestyle, Beauty, Creative Blogger. Hashtags will help you find new blogs, and also gain traffic to your own. Some hashtags that will help you get started:

  • Parenting Blog – #PBloggers #MummyBlogger
  • Beauty Blog – #BBloggers #BeautyBlog
  • Creative Blog – #CBloggers
  • Lifestyle Blog – #LBloggers

Also some chats are run by groups, you will find quite a few are awesome, and will RT your blog post for you if you use their hashtags. #GRLPOWR and #30PlusBlogs are excellent for this. Also for helping RT add some Twitter RT Specialists to post links, such as @FemaleBloggerRT @BloggerBees @GRLPOWR @UKBlog_RT @UKBloggers1

Social Media

To gain blog traffic, the best way to get your posts out there is using Social Media. This can be time consuming, but scheduling apps like Buffer and Hootsuite can help with this. I always use Twitter, and have found this most effective. My Facebook Blog Page gets traffic but not much interaction. My other Social Media fave is Instagram. I need to sort my Google Plus Page and Pinterest especially. You can also join Bloglovin’ but I found again, not much interaction this way.


I always set aside time to make sure I read fellow blogger posts. Not for traffic gain, but I like seeing what other finds bloggers have to say. I regularly ready a few favourite blogs, others I find using hashtags on from people on my timeline. If I get a social comment or blog post comment, I always try and make sure I reply when I can. This is to be polite, that person had took time to read your post and leave a comment especially, so I always make sure I say thankyou.

Be Organised

One main Blogging Tip that most Bloggers will say to you is be organised and productive. You can see tips on being productive here.

Make a blogging journal, or use a planner. You can even just jot down ideas, links, posts you would like to publish and when. I don’t worry about what days as such I blog. I used to try and get as many out regularly as I can but this was getting like a chore, not a hobby. Now I don’t worry about content and blog when I can. I try to do my Friday #FunkoFriday feature, then if I can try and aim for 1-2 posts a week on top of this. Depending on how busy I am with work or being a mummy. Main thing is I don’t beat myself up on this. I do try to vary my posts. I try not to post similar things one after the other.

If you are busy like myself, I find Scheduling Tweets helps. I use Buffer on days to post on my social media pages for me at times I state. I recently downloaded Hootsuite but am still to try this. I try not to schedule too much in the day as I don’t want to inudate my timeline.

Twitter Chats

Make sure you take the time to join Twitter chats. They are a great way of getting traffic to your blog, but mainly for me, I love interacting with other bloggers. Blogging has made me some really lovely friends. Some of the chats I join when I can are (times are GMT):

  • #DisneyBloggersChat -Thursday 6pm
  • #GRLPOWRCHAT -Tuesday 9pm, Thursday 8pm and Sunday 9pm
  • #TeacupClub -Sunday 5pm and Wednesday 7pm
  • #cbloggers -Thursdays 8:30pm
  • #bloggerssparkle -Wednesdays 8pm and Saturdays 6pm
  • #beechat -Monday 5pm and Thursday 9pm


Depending on which platform you use for your Blog, you can install Plug In’s to help run your blog efficiently. I use wordpress, so Plug In’s are widely available. I recently updates my theme from Pipdig, this has been one of the best things I have done. Not only have I  finally got a Blog layout I love. But the plug-ins that came with the theme has made such a difference to blog traffic. Such as at the end of each post, a selection of archive posts comes up. This has caused way more page views. I love the pip dig themes, as these are all fully customisable to your own taste of layout.

Some of my favourite Plug-Ins are:

  • Yoast SEO -This really helps me strengthen my posts. I am working my way through old posts to ensure they meet all of the SEO needs. Yoast simply helps you set Alt Tags and Focus Keywords to help you truly rank on Google. You also can change the Meta Decription (this writing you see on searches) which you want to make sure you feature the focus keyword. Yoast SEO works on a traffic light system. Your main goal is to have this set on green when publishing. I have added a screenshot below so you can see Yoast SEO -Content Analysis. This acts of a checklist of helping your page to rank using SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • CommentLuv -When fellow bloggers leave you lovely comments on your posts,  why not let them leave a link to their last blog post. This is what CommentLuv does.
  • Ultimate No Follow -This Plug-In is brilliant for editing links you may add to a post. If you have been asked to review a product you must select ‘No Follow’ otherwise Google won’t be happy bunnies.
  • Jetpack -I have heard mixed reviews on Jetpack. I personally like it and find this does not slow my site in the slightest. I mainly use the Site Stats section to see how posts have reached my audience.

Yoast SEO

Blog Audit

My job at work is auditing and being super organised. I try to make time to audit my blog along a timeline. I need to tidy up old posts from my previous theme layout. Some ways of doing a Blog Audit are:

  • Refresh Photos -Could you improve the original photos
  • Broken Links -I recently had 52 broken links which now are all fixed. You can get Broken Links plug in apps, depending which blogging platform you use. I used a free Broken Link checker online
  • Old Posts -I regularly go through old posts and either amend and update, or in a few cases I have deleted the post all together
  • Social Media -Don’t just stop your audit at your blog. Have an audit on your Social Media sites too

Hope some of these may help and be of use. Let me know any blogging tips you may have

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