4 Ways To Keep Memories

I love making memories and have plenty of photos dotted round the home, my workspaces and even my office at work. I am constantly have my phone out taking pictures or videos, capturing special moments. Nowadays this is much more easier with mobile phones.

Sometimes we make the mistake of not using these memories as keepsakes. Yes you can store these on your phone and upload them to social media if you wish, but why not come up with different ways to store these memories and show them off. I remember the painstaking days of waiting for your photos to be processed, but this did mean you were more likely to add them to an album. Again something I have been meaning to do, but never end up doing.

I have come up with ideas of storing or showing these special memories and keepsakes:

Polaroid Photos

I love the effect of Polaroid Photos and debated getting the popular Instax Cameras. But the cost of refills, and unlike cameras or phones, if you take a bad photo you have ruined one of your prints rather than the ability to delete. I recently brought some Polaroid effect photos from Printiki after seeing the awesome review on Guy With  The Owl Tattoo. The beauty of this service, is you can link to your social media sites so can use old photos that may not be on your devices.


I am planning to hang these on string with mini pegs around my workspace. This gives almost a bunting effect. The only issue I had with Printiki was the paper quality, I wish I had these on thicker card stock.


When you are a parent, your children’s pictures are adorable and the latest masterpiece always has the main spot on the fridge or kitchen cupboard. Sometimes you get unadapted, some good but some that even Picasso would turn his nose up at. Currently the artwork of the week for both kids has pride of place on the family notice board. Very special pieces I keep in each child’s memory Boxes. But why not keeps these using some nifty ideas.

One idea (which I need to get round to sorting, as love this one) is get a frame, size depends on preference. I am going to get A3 as most of their picture are A4 size. Frame wise I plan to get the plain coloured ones in Ikea as cheap and cheerful but also colourful. I want a colour for Rowan and another colour for Josie-Ann. You could just frame the picture and change when the latest masterpiece arises. But I want to remove the glass, and place string across and mini pegs, then this will be easier to just unpeg and change when needed.

This is also a nice idea for the Polaroid style photos, or normal photos. Another idea I seen was take photos of their pieces and make a photo book. Sometimes keeping pieces is hard work so use the photo book idea. You could even add text stating the age at the time, description of the masterpiece.

Photo Books

A great way of a modernised photo albums is Photo Books. Most of the companies will again let you upload these from your Social Media. I have a few such as Josie’s birthday parties, our wedding and holidays. I need to do more of these, quite often you can find fantastic offers. Once I ordered a book, I also had a photo collage poster free. One thing I adore with these books is the fact you can personalise these, the layout, colours, text etc. They also make fantastic gifts.

Memory Books

I have purchased the supplies for these, but haven’t got round to making them. I brought plain spiral bound books from HobbyCraft, and with photos that I need to order, I am going to make a memory book for both of the kids. I want to log special moments and favourite things like a baby record book. But decorate with my own doodles.


These are lovely to look back on, and when both the kids are grown they can have these to keep. You don’t just have to use the same theme as mine, you could do this as a scrapbook for yearly diary. Or other ideas is a holiday journal, keep tickets and add photos and descriptions from your holidays. Or again make one as a gift for family or friends.

Have you got any tips for keeping memories? Do you often look back on old photos?


  1. July 17, 2017 / 3:00 pm

    So many creative ideas for these! I love the look of polaroid prints, they always look so much cuter than normal ones!


  2. July 30, 2017 / 2:17 pm

    I love these ideas. I have a box full of little bits that remind me of past times. I never thought to put polaroid photos in their though so thanks for the idea!

    • Stacey Spruels
      July 31, 2017 / 7:38 pm

      Thank you, glad you liked them x

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